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PREFACE - ATTN: - Small Business Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make More Munny


***ATTENTION - Small Business Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make More Munny***

Dear Friend,

Thank You For Asking Yourself This Question:


"How Rich Am I Right Now?"

"RICH" Means...

***How Many Days, Weeks, Months or Years (at Your current Spend-Rate) Can You Go Without Working?"***

IF Your Answer isn't, "I Don't Need to Work for YEARS."


Quick, Dependable Extra C*ash Systems.

You Might Wanna READ ABOUT HOW 426 M*illion Mentor Walter Hailey's B*illion D*ollar NEER Self Referral Sales System - Can Help You MAKE EXTRA Munny Quickly.

***One-of-a-Kind CONTENT - Walter Told me - Personally - that he never Wrote This Down, Audiotaped or videotaped it. Never Shared it for Publication EVER. Cuz he didn't want his Competitors to use it. None of the bootcamps I attended were Videotaped.)

When Others Do Not?

***SCARCE AS HENS TEETH - (As We Say Out Here in The Country) Cuz We S*old 17 - seminar seats at 10K each and GAVE Walter All the Munny. AND Paid Walter 44K to Attend Several Week-long Bootcamps in his Hunt, TX Mansion.

SO Walter Let us come Early - Stay Late - And WATCH him use NLP Plus NEER
to Fill An Entire Seminar with Referrals from ONE MAN.

We CHALLENGE You to Find All of The
Steps In A S*ale All in One Place - Based on Walters 1 B*illion In S*Ales Testing.

(EDITORS NOTE - You Won't Find another Fast, No Risk, Golden Rule Strategy to Test Each Idea - Without Losing A Client or a Sale - Anywhere Else Either.)

PLUS We Use All this Stuff - On Behalf of our clients - constantly. So You Will See and Hear the CHA - CHING of Munny being Made - in Many Different Industries.


You Know The BEST BOOKS on S*elling Say Your Goal is to "Turn A Stranger Into a Friend who Hands You Munny By Creating Trust and Rapport."

But They Never Share a Step By Step Guide on How to DO that.

(SEE BELOW for a 6 hr Case Study Filled Guide - )


You Have Been Told that REFERRALS are the Foundation of Any Business.
Especially Your Small Business. We Agree.

You Can Now REFER Prospects to Yourself. Use the Same NEER (Naturally Existing Economic Relationship) Referral Sales System Walter used to start, Sell like crazy and Take Public and then S*Ell 4 Companies in 4 different Industries.

(SEE BELOW for a 12 Chapter - 12 Different Industry STEP BY STEP
NEER Book - How to Guide.)

(EDITORS NOTE - NEER is the ONLY Referral System We've Found that Systematically allows you to P*AY for each Referral
without it C*osting You an extra Dime.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #3 - How Do You Ask Friendly/Conversational Questions that Get a Prospects ***B*uying Hot Buttons*** without Scaring them away?

(Check Below For My Case Study Packed mp3 Program - Which Walks you thru what to do and say to Get Hot Buttons.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #4 - How Do You ASK FOR THE MUNNY - Without Getting a "NO" that Stops Any Chance You Get PAID - Forever?

(EDITORS NOTE - Walter had a 3-Step TRIAL CLOSE System. The ASK FOR MOOLAH Question is So Invisible - he had to Repeat it 7 Times - before we "Heard" it. SEE BELOW for The B*illion D*ollar Trial Close System.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #5 - How Do You Put INVISIBLE PRESSURE on and Ethically Blackmail a Prospect to B*UY IT NOW? Knowing that 95% won't ever Purchase if They Don't ACT Right Away?

(SEE Below for "Andrew Carnegie Competition" Case Studies. Which have a Link to a 6 hr mp3 Program full of CASE STUDY ways todays B*illionaires use the idea.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #6 - How To Recognize and Send Munny Making Body Signals to Get to The Munny.

426 M*illion Mentor Walter Hailey was a GENIUS at using Body Language. We ain't Walter. So we Used our World-Wide Mastermind Network and Tested for Years to Fill a 6 Hour mp3 Course full of Examples.

(SEE BELOW for our Body Signal Programs.)

INVISIBLE S*ELLING Step #7 - How to AVOID Doing Business with Poison People. The Crooks and Thieves who have been Given PERMISSION to Lie and Cheat You - by The Bernie Madoff's of the world.

426 M*illion Mentor Walter Hailey - Told me that, "Screening out the Rotten Apples from Your Clients, Vendors, Employees is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do today - to Succeed."

(CHECK BELOW - For Our Invisible Personality Profiling System.)

You Might Wanna QUALIFY.

Share or Sell
Make You Extra DINERO without TAKING ACTION.

The Following 3 GOLDEN RULE Tests Will Save You Time
and Money both...

GOLDEN RULE TEST I - You Can ONLY Purchase 1 thru 7 Above At 10% of the Listed P*rice if You Pass Pop-Quiz #1. (And You Join Our VIP-Inner Circle Group)


1st - Go out and B*uy some 1.00 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets.

2nd - Tip Your Waitress or Bartender or Clerk BEFORE they Provide a Service. BEFORE she brings the menu. BEFORE he brings you a beer.

3rd - Then Email me What Happens.

(EDITORS NOTE - WARNING - sounds easy. But only 1 of 20 New Subscribers to our F-r-e-e New Idea testing Ezine PASS The LOTTO Ticket Flirt Test.)

GOLDEN RULE TEST II - You PASS THIS Test and Your Reward/Benefit is. You Get 1 on 1 Help Making EXTRA Cash with (LOTTO Flirt Tipping PLUS these 4 -- "Invisible Persuasion" Questions. Email and Phone.)

You Practice Talking Directly to The Unconscious Mind. That is correct. THIS IS DANGEROUS. (Which is Why These Tests.) The Unconscious Controls your Heart Beat and Breathing.


ASK Waitresses and Clerks and Total Strangers
One or More of The Following Questions.

(EDITORS NOTE - You Should Do Test #1 First. Cuz if You Cannot GIVE MUNNY AWAY. You cannot Ask Hot Button Questions.)

QUESTION #1 - "What has to Be TRUE to Make You Happy?

Q #2 - "What do You have to FOCUS and CONCENTRATE on Most?

Q #3 - "What do You ENJOY MOST About ________. (Shopping, Vacations, Your Kids. Working as a Bartender?)

#4 - "What is Most IMPORTANT to You About that? (What they said they Enjoy.)

***EMAIL ME And Tell Me What Surprised You About The Answers You Got.


a - You get to Order 1-7 at 10% of the List Price. (And You Join Our VIP-Inner Circle Group)

b - You Get 1 on 1 Help Making EXTRA Cash with (LOTTO Flirt Tipping PLUS these 4 -- "Invisible Persuasion" Questions. Email and Phone.

c - You get Help Adapting What You Purchase to YOUR Location, Situation. Your Personality. You Do Not Get Simply ADVICE. We Work With you to Make You The EXTRA EMERGENCY C*ash you need. (No Extra Charge.)


Your Detailed Directions CLICK the Link --


INTRODUCTION - Notorious Big Red Nose Club Guide to BRASS OVARY Moolah


Notorious Big Red Nose Club Guide

On How To Grab Extra C*ash By Helping

Us Test B*illion D*ollar Ideas That


TRUST LEVELS Are Required for Success.

Long Story/Short: You Can Join A SECRET Big Red Nose Club

Mastermind Group Of Brilliant/Bored Entrepreneurs Who

ENJOY Testing DANGEROUS New Ideas We Spot Groups of

Self Made B*illionaires Using.

(EDITORS NOTE - The Following Letter was Written to Answer Recent REQUESTS on How To JOIN the EXCLUSIVE Big Red Nose Group.)


Thanks for Asking about the Big Red Nose
Test to Find People Who exhibit - COCKSURETY.



HOW IT ALL STARTED - MASTERMIND MEMBER - Saw a Comedian tell a joke about Red Clown Nose stopping road Rage.

That Entrepreneur wore a clown nose
And waved at 2 pretty women at red light on his way to work.

They pulled over and got his number!
For a double date.

He told me about it. He is married. So had to toss out their Digits.

BECUZ this Guy is a Super SALESMAN... I knew he had gotten Massive Levels of TRUST very fast - BEFORE he put on the CLOWN NOSE. Or he couldn't have gotten 2 Phone #'s from 2 Perfect Strangers.

SO I Tested The RED NOSE Idea Myself.

Step I - I pulled up beside a car full of coeds at a red Light. I did a small wave to the Coed in the Back Seat.

Step II - She finger wiggled back. So I SMILED and Waved Bigger.

Step III - Another Girl spotted my wave. And that I had a connection with the SHY little brunette in the back seat.

STEP IV - While they were TEASING her about her "Relationship" with an older man. I bent over and got my RED CLOWN NOSE out of the Glove Compartment.

STEP V - Put it on. Then TURNED and Gave a HUGE SMILE and Wave to ALL 6 Girls in the car. Who were ALL Looking at me by now.

STEP VI - It was Like a SCREAM BOMB had gone off. The coeds were Laughing so Hard they could Barely draw breathe to SCREAM.

The HOWLING went on and on.

Then their Car Started to Wobble and Bounce around. All of the Girls were Jumping up and down. Hanging out the windows in GLEE.

I Figured I had done my good DEED for the Day. PUT a SMILE on 6 Girls Faces. So I slowly drove away as the Light Changed.

2nd test Car to Car - Again - I was at a Red Light. Only 2 cars. Me and a Car full of African Americans with their MUSIC Blaring.

I got my RED NOSE Ready.

But since they were in the Fast Lane (Me in slow lane 3 lanes over) - BEHIND ME - and to my far Left - I Started Waving my ARMS out my window to the music.

I heard the words, "I'm gonna show that white boy how it's done." And a black gal jumped out of their car. Started shaking her hips as she walked around Their Car.

I Jumped out of my car. (Quick Like a Bunny - No time. Cuz the Light was gonna Change.)

Wiggled my hips and Arms some. TO GREAT Laughter.

Then put on my RED CLOWN Nose.


Pointed Both arms at the Girl Dancer. Gave her a BIG THUMBS up.

Then got back in MY car and Drove off.


You guessed it. By Warming things up by Arm Waving. Then Staggering Around
outside to the music. By the time I put on my RED NOSE - They LIKED ME. Thought I was a funny - skinny white dude.

And When I put on my RED Nose - the Lady dancer Started SCREAMING with Laughter to the point where she could Barely Stand Up.

Great fun.

3rd test on little boy in back seat at a Stop Light.

I waved at him.

He waved Back.

I put on my Red nose and waved. He Laughed. Then Reached into the front seat to poke his mom.

Quick as a Flash I TOOK off my RED NOSE.

I drove away during a HUGE ARGUMENT. Obviously The kids Parents were Trying to convince him he was SEEING things.

4th RED NOSE TEST - Hooters Restaurant - Sat with 4 college guys i met in line.

Bet them i could get the waitress to wear clown nose.

(They pay for lunch if i win)

Then offered Hooters Waitress 20.00 bill or 20 Lotto tickets

And, of course, i was wearing MY Red Nose.

Plus i told her to expect bigger tips due to extra male attn. Which DID happen.


I met every guy in HOOTERS on my way out the door. The Manager was coming after me. And he was NOT Laughing.

Apparently I had created a DISRUPTION.

Wow did we get LOTS of Attention!

Lots of Yelling and Pointing too. Cuz the Hooters Gal was wearing the RED NOSE and so were all the guys at My Table. So it was CLEAR who the Culprits were.

In the ensuing RIOT - the manager was blocked. And I escaped out the door.
I didn't EXPECT to create a Riot.

It just Happened.

RED NOSE TEST #5 - Wally - A Bored Special Forces guy, who was back in college on the GI bill But HATED MUSIC APPRECIATION.

Asked me to help him STIR THINGS UP.

I told him my Hooters story.

He loved the IDEA.

(EDITORS NOTE - We Tried to Guess what would happen. EZ to figure out the Professor would HATE the Red Nose Speech. The coeds would Laugh. The college boys we couldn't Guess their reaction.

Wally started his speech - then bent to put Red Nose on. Stood back up and kept talking.


Girls pointing and Cheering. Much Applause. But the Professor went to the back of the room. And criticised everything Wally said.

THAT Was Predictable.

Wally was SAYING - without words - "Your Music Class is Boring."

Weird Result.

We Never would have guessed THIS REACTION in a Million Years.

The Red Nose story got all over campus.

Little nerd college guys would scurry up to Wally and say, " Are you the Red Clown Nose Guy? "

"I want to shake your hand.




I Warned Willy we did not know what might happen.
But after jumping out of planes - all over the world.

Wally wanted some excitement.



This is the test to Join
The BIG RED NOSE CLUB. Which Earns you FIRST DIBS on the Various WILD and CRAZY Strategies using by Self Made B*illionaires around the world.

That is just the Tip of the iceberg!

Lots more Crazy than that.

We Order Red foam clown noses at by the dozen.

Please let me know

What you want to Try.

I can advise you based on 100's of
BIG RED NOSE TESTS over 22 years.


Big Red Nose Mastermind MAD SCIENTIST Tester.

P.S. - Here is a Link to some of the Red Clown Noses I buy.



10 Part - B*ILLION D*OLLAR NEER Self Referral S*ales System -

426 M*illion D*ollar Mentor - Walter Hailey's NEER (Naturally Existing Economic Relationship) 10-Part Selling System. Separated into 10 Pieces so We Can ADD Literally 100's of Case Studies and Step By Step Details to EACH STEP.


So we Can Offer You a 365 Day - 100% NO RISK - Munny Back Guarantee
on All 10 Parts - THAT'S Why.

WHY #2 - WHY is This SO IMPORTANT to your Success?

ANSWER - After 26 Years of Interviewing and Working with Self Made M*illionaire Entrepreneurs around the world - 100% Agree that You CANNOT SUCCEED unless you CONTROL what you do. (MEANING - You can ONLY Trust Yourself. If you rely on others --as a Sm Biz Entrepreneur--- YOU DON'T GET PAID.)


PART #1 - How We Adapt The B*illion D*ollar SELF REFERRAL S*ales System for a dozen Clients. The NEER Book - 12 Chapters. Each Chapter a Step by Step Walk thru of how we used NEER Power to make a Client Extra Cash.


PART #2 - "Bartenders Guide on How to Make Women JUMP V#1" - How to Flirt Test S*Ales Anchors on Waitress, Clerks, Barmaids - WITHOUT Risking Lost S*ales.


PART #3 - Personality Profile System - INSTANT HANDWRITING - How To Find and Screen Out Negative/Poison People - INVISIBLY Before You Close a S*ale.
THE REASON WHY Walter says, "Just 1 Rotten Apple in your Client, Vendor list or employees Can DESTROY your business."


PART #4 - "Enchanted NLP..." 4 Question S*ales Script Adapted from Watching Walter S*ELL. And then Tested BY Closing 1.2 M*illion Seminar seat s*ales for Jay Abraham's Protege Bootcamps.


PART #5 - The 1 B*illion D*ollar TRIAL CLOSE S*elling System. If YOU can Find a 3-Step S*ales System SO INVISIBLE you can ASK for Munny - repeatedly - and Never Get a "S-ales-ending NO" Answer - I want to Hear about it!


PART #6 - B*uy One 6 Hr Body Language Program - Get 6 hr Part II for F-r-e-e.
How to Create More Powerful S*elling Anchors - Using BODY Language SIGNALS.

Part I - F-r-e-e
Part II -


PART #7 - "How to Make SKIN BUZZ." - 6 Hours of "LIVE" Interviews - Proof that we Store Emotions in The Skin. And How to Find Emotional SKIN TRIGGERS for (1) Ideal Relationship Energy (2) BIG MUNNY Motivation Energy (3) Extra Chi Energy Triggers. For Yourself/For Flirting/For S*ales Situations.


PART #8 - "What B*illionaires Know That M*illionaires Don't" - How Todays Self Made B*illionaires (From our B*illionaire Watching Club) use ANDREW CARNEGIE's "Carnegie Competition Strategy" to Make More Munny. And How We Use it too.


PART #9 - "Munny LUVS Speed" - The ONE QUESTION that Brought TEN THOUSAND People to Church TWICE. Two Different Churches. (10K Plus 10K = 20K) Which was Then USED to build two Different DIRECT S*ALES Companies to B*illion D*ollar Size.


a - How to use it - On-line (Emails & Texting) - to Make Munny from home
b - How to the ONE QUESTION to S*ell over the Phone
c - How to use it Dr to Dr
d - How to Use it from The Stage or on a Conference or Zoom Call.


PART #10 - "Greased Pig Speed Writing" - How to Write EFFORTLESSLY using The Power of your Unconscious Mind.


Glenn Osborn

M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
Master of Ceremonies at The B*illionaire Watching Club
Rentamentor Group
Big Red Nose New Idea Testing ezine

Chapter 1: Sneaky/Sneaky- How U Have Been Flirt Tip Testing NEER. Walter Haileys Billion Dollar Self Referral System.

"How You Can Make Munny Flirting w/Pretty Girls"
Using Discoveries Made By Our World-Wide-Flirt-Tip-Testing
Mastermind Network.

BECAUSE we Hide B*illion D*ollar Ideas Inside FLIRT TIPPING

Case Studies to Make it Easy For BIG RED NOSE CLUB Members
to Test Hi-Leverage S*ales Ideas without Having to RISK Losing a S*ale.

For Example:

You Are Benefitting from MASSIVE ***NEER*** LEVERAGE Every Time You FLIRT
TIP in a Local Restaurant or Business.


***A - Why You Cannot Find NEER Details anywhere else.

***B - How NEER is Different and Better than Ordinary Referrals

***C - How We SNEAKED NEER into Flirt Tip Testing Case Studies and
Testimonials to Virtually GUARANTEE your Flirt Tipping Success.


***A - Why You Cannot Find NEER Details anywhere else.

NEER stands for (Naturally Existing Economic Relationship) Selling.

426 Mil Mentor - Walter Hailey - Grossed B*illions with his NEER Self
Referral System. Started, Built, Took Public and s*old 4 Companies in 4
Different Industries.



Wrote down, Recorded or VideoTaped DETAILS on How His B*illion D*ollar NEER
Referral Sales System worked. He told me, "NEER is my hidden Advantage
over all my competitors."

We S*old 17 seats at the 10K bootcamp Walter held in his home.

We P*aid Walter 44K to come back again and again.


To Get Those Details and NEER Questions Answered.

***B - How NEER is Different and Better than Ordinary Referrals

We all grew up with "Regular Referral Systems."

But have you Really THOUGHT about how "Normal" Referral Systems Might be
More difficult than they need to be. Maybe even BROKEN?


Normally You and I Are Asking our Businesss Contacts to REFER Us to their
Customers. People who are P*AYING them munny.

FEAR Blocks most Referrals!


Because The Business owner who MIGHT REFER is SCARED you will do something
that makes his buyer MAD. And Stop Doing Business with him.

You say, "Oh. I never thought of that."

Well - Walter Did.

Here is How Walters NEER Referral System Works:

I - You Get an Appointment with ONE PHONE call because you ONLY

ASK your Suppliers for Referrals. (You pay The Supplier munny - so he HAS
to Talk to a good customer.)

II - Your Supplier MAKES MORE MUNNY - Each time she Refers. Cuz as your
Business Grows (With each of their Referrals) You b*uy More of that
Suppliers Products and Services.

III - After You EXPLAIN How That Supplier Makes MORE Munny With every
Referral They Give you. They are EAGER to Refer You Dozens of Clients.

IV - And JUST SUPPOSE you Help the Supplier USE NEER to Get NEW BUYERS from
their Suppliers? (You can ASK FOR and Get New Clients from your Suppliers
VEndors too! In Fact they are HAPPY to Reciprocate.)



ASK YOURSELF this Question - "How do Getting Referrals Via NEER - and My
Business Suppliers Help me be more Successful FLIRT TIPPING at Local
Restaurants, NightClubs, Banks, Food Stores?"

Let's THINK.


Fire up the Old Brain Cells.

NEER Gives you Massive Referral P-ROFIT LEVERAGE because You Ask Your
Suppliers for Referrals. Business Owners You PAY REGULARLY.


Q #1 - Don't You Pay Munny to Your FAVORITE Local Restaurants, Sports Bars,
Dry Cleaners, Wal-Mart, Grocery Store, Bank Manager, Car Dealership?

Q #2 - Do Your Competitors Flirt Tip 1.00 Bills and Lotto Tickets and 1.00
LED IceCubes BEFORE and DURING Meals - to the Waitress?

Q #3 - Do You See Anybody ELSE Sending LOTTO Ticket Tips Back to the Cooks
in the Kitchen VIA the waitress?

QUESTION #4 - Does Anyone But YOU Apply "Andrew Carnegie's B*illion D*ollar
Competition SECRET. To Compete the Waitress and The Cooks AGAINST Each
other in a Race to See Who WINS the most LOTTO Munny?

As Homer Simpson would say, "DUH"

Heck no.

You Can Be THE KING or THE QUEEN at Any Local Restaurant or other Retail
Establishment that you Patronize Frequently.

Everybody KNOWS Your Name. (As the Cheers TV Jingle goes.)

Everybody WANTS to Help you.

KEEP READING to Find Out How Our Clients are Making Munny and Getting
Customer Referrals from the Pretty Girls they Flirt Tip Regularly.



P.S. - You Want to Know More about The Self Referral System Walter Hailey
grossed a B*illion dollars with?

I Wrote an Ebook About NEER and How We Use it to help Clients.

Chapter 2 - How To Get Affluent HomeOwners To Come to You

Big RED Nose NLP Testing Club Ezine #3747

Dear Friend,

Thanks to the Lazy-Minded-Majority Way of thinking -- 99% of S*ales people think the ONLY way to get a Prospective B*uyer to PURCHASE is to CHASE THEM.

What does this BAD HABIT Mean for YOU?

The REST of us Have ZERO Competition when we ATTRACT PEOPLE to us
Instead of CHASE them like all others.

And every Prospect is HAPPY because They Think Coming over to you to Talk and B*UY was THEIR IDEA.

Perfect Example:

New Member of our Real Estate Mastermind Group sent me a Brilliant LOTTO Ticket Tipping Story.

I wrote him this Note Explaining
How my LOTTO TICKET Flirt Tip Tests
Can ATTRACT affluent Home owners over to him. (So He doesn't have to START a COLD Conversation. Just have Fun Answering Questions - while he gets RAPPORT..)

Cecil is a RABID Football Fan.

HECK of a Fantastic Niche to sell into.

Where do we know a niche Group of affluent Football Fans
will be on Game Day?

OUTSIDE the Stadium BBQ Grilling.

I 100% Guarantee This STRATEGY (SEE BELOW) will have R*ich Home owners coming up to Cecil.


Cuz during my LOTTO TIPPING Tests in Restaurants.

The food Grade FLASHING LED Ice Cubes (Cost about 1.00 each)
ALREADY attract kids, parents, extra waiters AND THE MANAGER.


When you Ask, "How do You Make Lotto Ticket Flirt Tipping PAY OFF?"

Here is ONE WAY.

ACTION PLAN - (How to Attract Affluent Football Fans over to your Truck in the Parking Lot)

Thanks Cecil,,

HOW TO NETWORK with Affluent BBQ TailGaters at FootBall Games

Just Spoke to Mr C.

He tells me you Might not know how to START a conversation with the affluent BBQ Tailgaters in
the parking lot outside football games AT THE STADIUM.


Let them come to you!

For Example:

I've been Testing Instant Freeze Dried Food in Pouches. I Flirt tip the waitress into bringing me a cup of boiling water.

Pour it in. And Tested a couple dozen Freeze Dried Recipes. (One per restaurant visit) Found 2 I like.
in 10 minutes I have a Hot Spaghetti Meal.

JUST SUPPOSE you took a Can of My FAVORITE Freeze Dried Spaghetti and Meat Balls
to a Tail Gating Party.

Put down the tail gate of your Pick up truck.

Table Cloth




Ice water to drink

Plus A Thermos of boiling water

And a CAN of Freeze Dried Spaghetti - 2 Cups make a meal.

EVERY DARN Tail Gater who PASSES by will Ask you, "WHAT IN THE HADES are you eating?"

heh heh heh

I buy my Freeze Dried Spaghetti from - it's about 8 bucks cheaper than the Mountain House website.

Here is the Link...



P.S. - Just to MAKE SURE lots of folks come over to chat.

Put a LED Ice Cube in your Clear Plastic Water Glasses
so they FLASH 10 Different Colors.

I do this in Restaurants and Meet lots of kids, their parents AND the Manager.

2nd Example -

A LOTTO TICKET FLIRT Test...That Made Thousands of D*ollars.

Chapter 3 - How 4 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets Make Zeke 950 Bucks

How PRACTICE-Lotto-Ticket-Flirting With Pretty Girls Builds You "CHOPS" You Can Use To Make-Money ELSEWHERE...


Since I have a 1.00 bet with an Affluent Client in Macau China - that it will BE YEARS and YEARS before ai-robots can Legally Drive Cars (without a driver) in the USA. And Bob-the-Tesla-Car-Owner thinks Driverless Cars are Right Around the Corner. HA! (Check out Letter "C" Below. A robot Can't Do This!)


Because I Just Experienced The FLAT TIRE FROM HELL.

Chapter #2 Contains:

A - "How 4 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets Make Zeke 950 Bucks"

B - "Lotto Ticket Strategy to Get LEADS for A Home Flipping Biz - "

C - "How I Pocketed 70 Bucks Fixing The FLAT Tire From HELL "


"How 4 Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets Make Zeke 950 Bucks"

Hey Glenn!

I've been doing great jus wanna tell ya that I used lotto tickets to negotiate a price on a truck!

It's a 1996 dodge ram 1500 single cab but it's a start lol especially after the wreck.

But n e who I've been working my 9-5 now I work at the airport (Hartsfield Jackson international) doing the ceilings there.

I was on my lunch break talking to guy that works for another trade (electric company) bout the attorney that I used for my accident and we happened to come across him selling his sons truck. The son was gone in the marines and he wanted to sell his truck because he was gonna buy all new everything when he came home.

So I asked him how much he was selling it for he said he was let it go for 2100. Now for that truck and the low miles for the year it had on it that wasn't a bad price! So I asked him can I come to check it out. We set up a time for that weekend around 2 or 3 pm. I was so nervous going to look at the truck because I only had was 800 bucks on me lol and I had to pay 38 of that to a uber jus to get there!

So I get there it's a very nice truck he started it up and let me test drive it around. When everything was said and done it was time to show the cash. I looked him dead in his eyes and said to be honest I don't have what your asking for the truck whats will be the lowest you'll take? He thought about it for a sec then he said 1750. I said is that your very bottom dollar? He said it wasn't his truck to sell but to oversea the sell and that's what his son said that's the lowest.

So I pulled out my 800 and asked him would he take that to not sell it to no one else.

He said that'll be cool then I pulled out my last 4 lotto tickets and gave it to him and said thank you! He gave me a weird look and started to smile while asking me whats are these for?

I told him I hopefully jus gave you the rest I'm short by and I'm pretty lucky. He laughed at me and took the tickets. He scratched one right then and there and kinda paused after he did. Then he said you were right I jus won 40 bucks off this ticket you jus gave me.

I Thought I Was Tripping!

I laughed and said told you so! He then said you know what here nd he gave me the keys and the title to the truck!!! I was shocked at first and thought I was tripping! I asked are you serious? He said yeah! So without giving it a second thought I shook his hand and thank him very much! He signed his sons name and I drove off in the truck!!! Ill send ya pics of it after I clean it up a little lol it has a lot of papers and junk thrown around in there.

Of course you have my permission to use the testimony. Zeke


"Lotto Ticket Strategy to Get LEADS for A Home Flipping Biz - "

Hi Glenn,

I met Sharon at the gas station. We both stood at our cars, and happened to glance over at each other at the same time. I could tell she's was a much older lady and looked a little agitated. She went into the store, and I purposely waited for her to exit so I could time her seeing me place a lotto scratch-off ticket in her windshield wiper.

When I saw her exit, I walked over to her car and begin placing the ticket. By this time, she had gotten back to the car, and ask what was I doing. I apologized to her, told her my name and said, "I'm sorry, but the Lord wanted me to give you this." I handed her the scratch off and walked back to my car. She asked, "That's it?", and I told her, Yes. While walking back to my car, I told her that I just wanted to be a blessing. She smiled and was shocked.

A few days later, I happen to run into her at Kroger. While standing in the aisle talking, she told me that she used the ticket. I asked her to tell me about it. She said that day, she thought her debit card was acting up at the pump so she had gone inside to use it. Well.... it still declined. She didn't know why it was declining and was frustrated.

She said that she was going to sit and wait for a friend to bring her money for gas, and seeing me messing with her car wasn't anything she had time for at that moment. She said that after I left, she called her friend. While sitting there waiting, she found out that things had come out of her account that put it in the red.

She had no money for gas and was pissed. Something told her to scratch the ticket, but she ignored it and continued to feel upset. The had the thought again and decided to go ahead and scratch the ticket. That ticket won her another ticket. She hesitantly walked back into the store to get another ticket; which she immediately scratched and won $20 bucks. She said that she screamed and cashed it in to get gas.

She said that she wanted to call me and tried to remember the number that was on my door magnets, but couldn't remember. She thanked me with a big hug and took down my number. Joe


590.00 Saved on New Tires From LOTTO Ticket Tipping -

Thanks Glenn,

We spoke on the phone about some things that I'd received by USING

Lotto Tipping

Okay . . .

The biggest one this year 2018 was at a Tire Repair/Replace Shop.


I go in maybe an average of 2-3 times a year. New tire, check up, a patch, rotation/alignment

Always LOTTO TIP The Staff.

After a couple Years...

They Have


On Me!

So You get SPECIAL TREATMENT Written into the System
Pretty Nice...Isn't it?

Now I had 2 BAD back tires. One had a broken belt
and the other had gotten down to the rot. The new
research, they say, about putting tires on SUVs/Trucks.

Put them on the BACK first. Of course the CHATTY
technician explains everything, ranks every tire and explains

ALL Options To Me!

I get a DEAL on the best 'Discoverer' tires. They look SNAZZY
$280 for 2 tires, I got for $250 due to VIP LOTTO STATUS

After waiting for the install, they bring my SUV around

I notice the SNAZZY Tires are on the FRONT instead!

After going in and tipping a couple more tickets...

The Manager Takes Care of it and I have a seat
waiting for them to fix it.

When he comes back, the Manager notes that I got TWO FREE TIRES

Now All 4 are the Awesome new tires. Normally $280.

My jaw drops !

. . . AMAZING ! . . .

I got the whole other set for no charge. Gave the manager 2 lotto tickets more
and promised a great review on Google and social media
Which I will SHARE With Them Of Course for more bonus stuff

Almost $600 (590.00 total) worth of premium new tires on my car , no install or service fee , for just $255-260 or so if you COUNT Lotto Tickets.

Lotto Magic, Reciprocity Works !

Have Fun,



"How I Pocketed 70 Bucks Fixing The FLAT Tire From HELL "

How I Got My Flat-As-A-PanCake Truck Tire Replaced at 10.00 for 1 Hr of Labor Instead of the 80.00 an Hour my Dealership Charges.

ALSO - How to Ethically BRIBE a Car Mechanic When You Run Out Of

Instant Scratch Off Lotto Tickets.


After hauling a big load of wood up to my porch the previous day I got a Phone Call INVITE - from a friend - to go out to dinner.

Changed my Clothes. Got out to my Truck. The Back Right/Rear Tire is Flat. Right Down to the Ground.

So My Friend and Girlfriend pick me up in their car.

It is DARK and The Back Seat Smells Like wet Dog. So I pull my Keys out with the LED Light. Shine it on the Backseat.

Foot Wide Water Stains!

***Am I Sitting in Dog Pee?***

I ask Dan the Obvious Question. "There is a big Stain on the back seat. Am I sitting in dog pee?"

***Everything is Fine - DOG DROOL.***

Tabitha says, "No, No. You're Fine. That's Dog DROOL."


TOO LATE NOW. Dunno about you. Dried Dog Urine. Dried Dog Drool. I'm NOT EXCITED about sitting in either one.

I Decided (Silently) my pants were going STRAIGHT into the Washing Machine when I got home.

***Mr Dog-Drool-Dan

Volunteers to Come over
the Next Day and Help
Me CHANGE my Flat Tire.

"I SAY, "Glad to have your help."


I Get Up Early. And Pump that PANCAKE FLAT Tire Up with my hand pump. Just so you know. I counted. 170 Up and down strokes.

I DRIVE to a local Car Mechanic.

Marshal says, "Come back at 3:30pm and I'll swap the fast leaking tire for your Spare tire."

I Say, "Just so you Know my plans."

(EDITORS NOTE - Instead of LOTTO Tickets I Tipped the Mechanic with the HUNDREDS of DOLLARS of Future work I wanted him to do for me. MAYBE - IF he Did a Good-QUICK Job with my Flat Tire Situation.)

I - "I'll be buying a new truck tire. So I'd like you to do that work too. Swap the wheel onto the new tire. Balance it. And Put the new spare and the New Tire on the rear. And then put the older tire back where the spare goes.

II - "Plus I wanna b*uy a tire for my Toyota. Got a very slow leak in the left rear. So I'd like you to help me put a new tire on that too.

III - "And the Parking Brake on the truck is getting loose. Maybe you can tighten that up while we are doing the tires.


Mr Dog-Drool-Dan Shows up. To KILL some time we go to lunch. Then the 1.00 Store.

***MY TIRE is HALF FLAT again - right there in the parking lot!

Good News.

I have tossed my Tire Pump in the back seat. So Dan watches while I pump my tire Back up.

Let's Talk MOOLAH!

Specifically, The MUNNY the Cheapskate BASTARD Car Companies Are Saving By Changing to a SPARE TIRE FROM HELL - System!

Remember The GOOD OLD DAYS?

You Got a Flat Tire.

Flash Light in the trunk. Remove a panel in the Trunk. There is your Spare tire AND the Jack. Pull it out. Jack up the car. Remove and Replace the Lug Nuts and ALL DONE.


Marshall-The-Mechanic tells me about a LEMON his daughter bought. The Spare tire is under the car - behind the motor. You lower it by un-winding a Cable
using your Car Jack.


With a FLAT TIRE there is no room under the car to LOWER your Spare!

I say, "WHEW! I'm glad I don't have That NIGHTMARE to deal with."

Marshal says, "I'm pretty sure your truck spare uses a Cable System too."

***Have you ever changed a tire on your truck?" NO

***Do you have the Manual? NO

***Do You Know where the Jack is? ("I was hoping it was up under the Spare Tire." NOPE.

We Hunt all over the Truck. Finally find the Jack in a secret Compartment under the back passenger seat.

Went to HELL Really Fast.

Rather than ME trying to Explain The RUBE GOLDBERG STUPIDITY behind my truck spare tire Removal Process...

BEFORE You Watch the Short YouTube Video.

IMAGINE you are driving in the dark. It's raining CATS and DOGS. BANG! You Have a Flat tire. You Get Out. Dig out your Jack. JACK UP the Car or truck - so you can LOWER Your Spare down to the ground. CRAWL under the Truck with the Flashlight so you can SEE where to put the tool in the notch to UNWIND the Table holding your Tire CLAMPED underneath your car. And then - Finally - Remove the lug nuts. Swap tires to the spare. And TOSS Your SPARE TIRE in some weeds so you can come back and Get it Later. Cuz you can't REEL It back up under your car with the cable - BY YOURSELF.


FEEL The Pouring Rain.

FEEL the pebbles and Stones Digging into your Back as You Crawl under your car or truck.

Now You are READY to Watch the How-To--YouTube-Video.

(EDITORS NOTE - How many M*illions have all the car and truck companies saved by simply STRAPPING your Spare tire underneath? WORSE YET. How many HUNDREDS of M*ILLIONS of Extra Dollars have they forced Car/Truck owners to Spend Just to Change a FREAKING Flat tire?)


Watch this and GET MAD too.


Glenn Osborn

P.S. - How Zeke Makes 1000's More - Story -

Chapter 4 - The 3 Kinds of Mastermind Group & a Case Study on How to Use Them

The 3 Kinds of Mastermind Group
& a Case Study on How to Use Them
(EDITORS NOTE - I am Sure There are more than 3. If you have Built a Munny Making Mastermind Based Business that uses a 4th Basic MasterMind Strategy.
Email me at - I'd love to hear what you are doing.)

Based on 26 years of Experience and Testing
I Believe there are 3 Basic Mastermind Models.

A - Mastermind Used to Brainstorm New Ideas

B - Mastermind Used to Solve BIG PROBLEMS

C - Mastermind Used to Make More Munny.


I Believe that The BIG RED NOSE CLUB Has a Foot in All 3 Kinds of Mastermind Group.

***Please Check my thinking.

***You can Find Out if you Agree or Tell me to Go Run up a Tree.


How Dan Kennedy And I Formed
A Mastermind of TWO BRAINS
And Created A Golden-Rule-QUIZ
That Fixed My REFUND Problem
(EDITORS NOTE - Shush, Psssst. Don't Tell Dan He is Part of a MasterMind Group with me. He DOES NOT KNOW. Cuz I never Told him.)

MY REFUND PROBLEM came to a Head
one Christmas when TWO Guys Asked
for all of their Munny Back for 100% of
their Purchases for the Entire Year.

We have a 365 day 100% munny Back Guarantee on over a 100
1 of a kind Info Products - So I had to Refund several THOUSAND DOLLARS.

I Quizzed each man. They had not Lifted a Finger.

DID not Take Any Action to Test The Proven M*illion D*ollar ideas they had bought.


STEP I - I made a List of all of my buyers.

STEP II - I circled the B*uyers who had Made Munny.

STEP III - I discovered 100% Who had made Lots of moolah using the ideas they got from ME had sent in one or more 1.00 Bill or LOTTO ticket
P*ay it Forward Testimonials.

How to

When My MasterMind with Dan Popped Up out of the Blue.

Dan sent me some Audiotape Interviews with his Best Customers. I was so Impressed I bought all of Dan's books for Peanuts at
(EDITORS NOTE - You cannot do that anymore. Amazon Ate for Lunch!)

In The Back of one of Dan's books was some advice he had given to a New Dog Trainer to The Affluent.

This lady came up to Dan during a Break at a seminar.

ASKED HIS ADVICE on how to Get Rich Dog Owners to Pay her.


DAN Asked her Permission to BE RUDE.



Then gave the following Advice.


#2 - Don't Go to THEM. Force the Rich Dog Owners to come to you.

#3 - Require that the Dog Pass an IQ Test - or you won't Train The dog.

#4 - Require the OWNER to Pass an IQ Test - or you won't Take their munny.



I loved the Psychological REVERSAL Behind Dan's Advice.

Instead of begging, "Please B*uy from me."

You say, "You Have to QUALIFY/PAss a Test - Before You are Allowed to BUY from me.

And I ALREADY Had the TEST mapped out.

***ELEVATOR SPEECH - "After Attending 15 Seminars full of Millionaire Biz owners. I now Interview and Consult with Self Made M*illionaires World-wide. AND sell their Secrets to Making Munny. BUT You have to Pass My Golden Rule LOTTO Ticket Test BEFORE You Are Allowed to BUY."

***Naturally - People ask, "How do I Pass This LOTTO Ticket Test?

***My ANSWER - "I Should WARN YOU. Only 1 in 20 Pass The Test. BUT If You Go to - you will find 100 Testimonials from VIPs Who PASSED the Golden Rule Test.

ONE - Basically - You buy a few 1.00 Instant Scratch off LOTTO tickets.
TWO - Give them away to Clerks and Waitresses.
THREE - Then Email me at - to TELL me what happens.


ACTION SUMMARY of FOUR of The Benefits
Of My New "QUALIFY Before You B*uy" Rule.

***A - Saves me a lot of wasted time. Because I Ask People to PASS The Golden Rule LOTTO ticket Test Before I will TALK to them.

COMMON SENSE - If You Can't GIVE AWAY Munny. You Won't Take Action on more difficult ideas Either!

***B - Refund Requests Have Dropped by 90%

***C - VIP INNER CIRCLE Members Get a Fun/Safe/Invisible STARTING PLACE to Practice the M*illion D*ollar ideas they bought from us. FLIRT TIPPING Creates RAPPORT in all directions - within which almost any Question/Suggestion/Strategy is OK to try out.

***D - We Now HIDE Proven B*illion D*ollar S*ales ideas from Self Made B*illionaires Inside the FLIRT TIPPING Situations and Strategies we Share in our F-r-e-e Big Red Nose New Idea Testing Ezine - Issues.

Guaranteeing More Explosive Results than you would Expect from simply Forking over a few 1.00 LOTTO tickets to a waitresss.

How We ADDED a Proven B*illion Dollar Idea
To Our FLIRT Testing Before Using It to
Close Consulting Clients

a - T-Mobile has been growing it's user base faster than all it's competeitors combined.

b - CEO of T-mobile Just BOUGHT or Merged with SPRINT to create a 146 B*illion D*ollar Biz.

c When John Legere was Hired. T-Mobile was in the RED.

d - John is a Genius at creating Rewards his S*ales Force with All kinds of Ethical Bribes And Public Praise and Recognition

c - We RECOGNIZED one of his S*ales Rewards. John's REWARDS are Motivating his Nation-wide S*ales teams to Gross B*illions.


A B*illion D*ollar idea!

*****A QUESTION for You.
***How would YOU go About Giving Away a CONFETTI CANNON to your Mail Carrier, Garbage Truck Drivers, UPS Driver, Bank Manager, Restaurant Waitress, New Neighbor?



"Not sure.

YOU ARE STUCK for an answer, right?

But You do not have to Get Stuck in The Future.

LOTTO Ticket Tipping
Will Set you FREE!

BECAUSE I have been Writing Thank you notes with LOTTO tickets Stapled on top to all of these folks and Others too.

THEY EXPECT ME to Give Them Fun Stuff!
(EDITORS NOTE - Thank You Notes with LOTTO tickets stapled on top are EZ. "Thank you For Picking up my trash.")

***BANK MANAGER - Knocked at her window - Shot a Confetti Cannon at her thru the Glass Window at her desk. Then HANDED her my confetti Cannon Gift.

***Mail Delivery Lady - Shot a Confetti Cannon all over her Windshield. Then Gave her one for her son.

***NEW NEIGHBOR - Shot a Confetti Cannon all over her Car in the Driveway. Then Handed her 2 more for her kids.

To Get An Appointment with Affluent
Business Owners in TWO PHONE Calls

PHASE ONE - Go to amazon and SHIP an Affluent Biz Owner
a Case of Confetti Cannon.

PHASE TWO - Call up and Tell the RECEPTIONIST, "I just sent your boss a Case of confetti Cannon as a Thank you. Don't WORRY. It's Bio-Degradable.
But I'd Like to Send you a PAGE Of SAFETY DIRECTIONS - in case a few of them get set off in the office. Could you PLEASE Give me your Email Address?

PHASE THREE - I Emailed the Receptionist ONE PAGE.

Very Easy to Write Cuz I just Shared my CONFETTI CANNON Tests.

DIRECTIONS on How to Use
The Case Of Confetti Cannon
That will Arrive Tomorrow.

***Got the Confetti Cannon idea from B*illion D*ollar T-Movile CEO John Legere.

1 - How my garbage men stopped busting up my Garbage Cans

2 - How my Bank Manager suddenly started Filling out all my paperwork

3 - How Waitresses give me more food

PHASE FOUR - I phone called After I emailed the PAGE OF CONFETTI CANNON Directions.

To DOUBLE CHECK with the Receptionist - that she got the Directions OK.

Because - After all - She was WORRIED - even tho I TOLD her "DON'T WORRY"

Time that Second Phone Call I was Suddenly Talking to The BOSS. The Company Owner. Who is smiling and Laughing on the phone.

Instead of a COLD First Phone Call.

You Can E-n-j-o-y a WARM and FUZZY and FUN 1st Phone Call.



P.S. - You Might Want to See my ***Confetti Cannon S*ales Journal.*** So You Can Make Some Extra DINERO from LOTTO ticket and Confetti Cannon Tipping.

Chapter 5 - How We Helped a Guy In PRISON Rent 14 of His Empty Apartment Units - In Five Days - At ZERO Expense with a One Page Flyer.

"How We Helped a Guy In PRISON Rent 14 of His Empty
Apartment Units - In Five Days - At ZERO Expense
with a One Page Flyer."


Have you Ever Gotten one of these ROBOT MESSAGES on your Phone?

"Will You Accept a Phone Call From The _________ State Penitentiary?"

Well I Did.

I was Curious and said, "YES".

(EDITORS NOTE - WHO IN THE WORLD would Be Calling me from PRISON?)

It was PETEY!

One of my customers who I had helped do some REAL ESTATE Deals.



One of my Mastermind Members had gotten his Websites and Video S*ales Letters HACKED, over-whelmed and CRASHED by members of the SUB - GENIUS - CULT.

And I had asked my Ezine members, "Can anybody tell me MORE about the Sub-Genius-Cult?" All I can find on-line is THIS:

WIKI -***The Church of the SubGenius is parody religion described by some of its own members as an "insane bogus UFO mind-control cult".***

I got Referred to PETEY - a Past member of The Sub-Genius-Cult.

Petey Explained that The Sub-Genius-Cult worshipped munny.

That he had been Protesting outside a Nuclear Power Plant at age 17. He had been an "ECO-WARRIAR And got into some "Trouble." And was helped by some members of The SubGenius Cult.

He quit.

But he Still Liked MOOLAH.

And we Talked About some of his Real Estate Deals.


A Year Later PETEY is calling me from the HOOSEGOW.

He asked If I knew of a quick - cheap way to rent out 14 empty units in an apartment Complex he'd bought.

Promised to P*ay me back when he got out of LOCK UP.


I dictated the following One Page Flyer.

Series of
Phone Calls
From Petey
over the next 365 days - from BEHIND BARS.

One of these ph calls only a week Later Was PETEY calling to Say, "Thanks, My Dad stuffed Flyers in everyone's mail box and we rented all 14 units in 5 days."



Dear Apartment Renter Henry,

Thanks for renting one of my Apartments.

Maybe I Can Help You.

And You Can Help Me Back.

BEFORE I spend 1000's on a Sign that says, "Apartments for Rent"
or spend More Thousands on Newspaper and Radio Ads...

You Might Answer ONE QUESTION...

Do you Have a Relative or Family Member or Friend You Would LOVE to Live Closer to You? IN THE SAME BUILDING?

And Get The Following MOVE-IN Benefits?

#1 - Instead of Throwing Munny away on a Giant Road Sign YOUR Relative can get the 1st Month Rent Free.

#2 - Your Family Member Can Get 100.00 bucks towards moving IN C*osts.

#3 - Your Friend Will Get F-r-e-e Washing and Drying - in our Laundry Room - For 3 Months

#4 - Your Relative Can Get F-r-e-e Parking in one of our Lots.

I've got 3 Apartments Open.

Call this Number if You Want to Move A Family Member into the Building with you
at 000-000-0000.

Pete Cable

CHAPTER 6 - How a Princess-Teddy-Bear Gets Me To The BOSS w/One Phone Call


While Talking to a Printer Ink Toner Cartridge Company owner at a 20K Seminar Sam told me how he got Business Owners and CEO's on the Phone Fast.

He Federal Expressed them a Briefcase full of FAKE M*illion D*ollar Bills.


Sam Taped a blank Page to a CD Player.

The Blank Page said, "PLAY ME"

The CD had His Sales Pitch on it.

***UNFORTUNATELY - shortly there - after some idiot started mailing BOMBS to folks. So Suddenly the Bomb Squad was opening his brief Cases. Instead of The BOSS.

So That idea is OUT THE WINDOW.

But this Gave me a Better idea.

BUILD-A-BEAR - Emotional Punch -

Maxine Clark had started a company called "Build-A-Bear".

I went to a Build-a-Bear Store.

Selected a Teddy Bear and put Princess Clothes on the bear. The slippers, the tiara, the Magic wand - the works.

Oh yeah.

The Female Staff were Giggling Like Mad. Made me put the Bears underwear on and stuff in the stuffing.

I was the ONLY ADULT Male in the store. Just Me and a Bunch of little Girls and their moms.


I added

Plus a 8 by 10 Page Around its neck that Said, "Look in the BackPack."

A - In the BackPack was some candy

B - And a One Page Letter full of 7 Figure Idea Bullets.
Customized for that Business.

C - And a P.S. - That Said, "Expect a Call to Ask You WHICH IDEAS You Want to Find Out MORE ABOUT.

You Ask, "Did it work?"

IF You Mean "Did The Princess Teddy Bear Gambit get me to the Company Owner?

And Get me TIME to talk to the BOSS.

"YES it did. 100% of the time too.


I just looked at the NEW Build-a-Bear website in 2018.

The Business has 400 stores WORLD WIDE and is valued at 200 M*illion Bucks.

Could not find the Princess Bear.


I found something JUST AS GOOD.

Build-a-Bear NOW Puts a PERSONAL MESSAGE on the Chest of some of their Animals and Furry Versions of B*illion D*ollar Movie Characters.

Just Suppose You Have a Receptionist, An Executive Secretary And THE BOSS you want to TAKE YOUR CALL and Say "YES" to an appointment.


We Put The Names of The BOSS and His Office Team on the TEDDY BEARS
We Ship in the same Box.

You Put the Words,
"Thank You Sally,
"Thank You Sue,
"Thank You Bob on 3 Stuffed Animals.

You Toss a Bag of your Favorite Cookies or Candy in the box.

AND You Put a Ribbon around the Neck of each Teddy Bear
with an Envelope Attached.

Inside the 3 Envelopes are ONE PAGE.

Teddy Bear PAGE ONE Contains a Banana/Nut Muffin Recipe We Used to Sell 1.2 M*illion D*ollars of Seminar Seats.

Teddy Bear PAGE TWO Contains a Prune Muffin Recipe. MY FAVORITE.

Teddy Bear PAGE THREE Contains a Raisin/Nut Recipe - so good that Receptionists Cooked it and Raved About it - just before Putting their Boss on the Phone.

You Ask, "What is on SIDE TWO of each of the Three Pages?


AFTER looking at their FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Biz Website
I Know What Single IDEA Is Making THE BOSS Most of his moolah.


We write up 3 Similar ideas - from around the world - from Other Small Biz Owners Like himself/herself.

Say, "Expect a Phone Call to Find Out Which Idea You Want to Find Out MORE ABOUT FIRST.


P.S. - The LINK to the 1.2 M*illion Muffin Recipe S*ales System:

CHAPTER #7 - Andrew Carnegie Competition

"Andrew Carnegie Competition" is The 3rd B*illion Dollar Idea
We've Hidden In Our LOTTO Ticket Tipping Stories"

The First B*illionaire EVER - Andrew Carnegie - Invented What We Call "The Carnegie Competition Strategy". And Used it Inside and Outside His Steel Empire.



The Same Reason We Use it Everywhere.

It's Invisible and It Works Like Gangbusters.

SIMPLY PUT - Andrew Carnegie Figured out how to Make Mountains of Munny Based on Basic Human Psychology.

***We Are All Competitive.***

You KNOW This.

A - If You try to Pass a Car on the road - they SPEED UP.

B - If You Try to Jog past someone on the Track - They RUN Faster.

C - The MTV Movie Awards, Golden Globe, Even The NOBEL PRIZE - All COMPETITIONS Based on Audience Votes.

D*ollar Companies USE this Strategy today.

Check Out This M & T Bank Email I just got:
(M & T Bank Value - 118 B*illion in Assets)


SUBJECT LINE: "Vote for what's important - help us decide the winner

"Help us decide the Grand Prize winner!

"We've narrowed this list down to five finalists, so now we're inviting you to help us choose a winner.

"Meet the 5 finalists of our "What's Important to You? Video Contest" and vote for your favorite!

"All Finalists are important.
Every one of the finalists is worthy of the grand prize, but only one can win. Help us choose.

"Vote for your favorite once a day, every day, now through 11:59pm ET, November 19.*

"Help us decide the winner today!

(EDITORS NOTE - A FireFighter has 22% - Pet Dog Video 14%)

How We Used "Carnegie Competition"
To Get Better Service At The Bank

I Stopped By a Local 1 Man Auto-Repair Shop
to Get a Leaky Car Tire Swapped.

While I was Waiting I walked across the Street to my Bank.

Sign on Door: 9am to 3Pm

AND MY WATCH Said, 8:30 am
But the Big NEON Road Sign said, "Drive thru OPEN."

So I Walked Up to The DriveThru Window.

Beverly Did not look Up.

Did not SEE me.

So I Pulled a Food Grade LED Plastic Flashing IceCube Out of my Pocket. And FLASH/Knocked on the Thick Bullet-Proof Glass.

Beverly Looked Up - STARTLED.

She Said, "I didn't hear You. And WHAT IS THAT?"

I said, "I know you can't Accept Tips But a Food Grade LED Flashing IceCube in your coffee cup is OK, right?

Beverly agreed.

(EDITORS NOTE - Heh heh heh - I've Done this Before. And NO BOSS At Any Bank Has Thought to BANN an LED IceCube as a Tip instead of moolah.)

While the other Tellers Gathered Around Beverly's FLASHING Glass Beverly Handled My Transaction.

You Know How You gotta Fill Out Those Deposit and Withdrawal Slips?


Beverly did all the Paperwork FOR me.


"Carnegie Competition." My LED IceCube Tip is MORE VALUABLE because every other Bank Teller Wants one.


P.S. - You Can Google Flashing LED Ice cube. But most of them are REALLY Expensive. The ones I Found are about a 1.30 each when you get a Dozen.

Here is the Link to The LED IceCubes I buy -

CHAPTER #8 - How We Made a 913.89 S*ale Today Using The "Carnegie Competition Strategy"

STEP ONE - We Sent a F-r-e-e E-Book to Jeremy in TX.

STEP TWO - AFTER Reading it. Jeremy Wanted to B*UY the Rest of the 4 Part B*illion D*ollar Referral System (I Learned from 426 Mil Mentor Walter Hailey) Described in our 1-of-a-kind book.

STEP THREE - Jeremy Reminded me to Send Him a PayPal Invoice for 350.00
And the Rest Next Month.

STEP FOUR - Invoice/Moolah Sent/Jeremy Started Listening to the 6 hr mp3 Program. Heard us Mention, "Munny LUVS Speed" - a Dr to Dr S*ales Script that Built 2 Different Direct S*ales Companies to 1 B*illion each.

STEP FIVE - Jeremy emails to ask, "How Much to B*uy the "Munny LUVS Speed" Mp3 Program?

STEP SIX - I Sent Jeremy the Following Note:

Subject Line: "Just Found Your MUNNY LUVS SPEED Email Request"-Glenn

Thanks Jeremy,

Just looked up "Munny LUVS Speed" is 9138.99

Since you Passed the GOLDEN RULE Lotto ticket test at .

You Pay Only 10% or 913.89



If you want to Divide the 900 in half and Pay in 2 Chunks of 450.00 - we can do that.

want to do THIRDS and You P*ay 300.00 bucks NOW
and Get the WHOLE Program to start making munny with - we can do that.

If you want to Pay 138.98 Bucks NOW - and pay the rest later - Get The Entire Step by Step 2 B*illion Dr to Dr NLP S*ales System TODAY - Which I use by phone and Email too.

(EDITORS NOTE - 138 is a feng Shui #)

the Whole
thing RIGHT NOW - we can do that. You can Earn the Rest and P*AY it


P.S. - You Will Find THE (Munny LUVS Speed) mp3 FASCINATING.

Kathy INSISTED they put up their house and borrow Munny at the bank to B*uy a Garage full of water filters (B*illion biz #1)

She created 79 M*illionaires s*elling home water Filters!

Kathy went dr to dr.

Kathy's Hobby was Bringing 10,000 New Congregation Members
to both Churches she belongs to. 20K total.


(I chatted with her several times while she stood IN THE BACK of the Room. She did Not REALIZE I recognized what she was doing. So she SHARED her dr to Dr Strategy Step by Step. KNOWING it would go Right over my head as it did for 1000's of others.)

EXACTLY what she taught her Top Distributors to say who are making

15K a Mo
30K a mo
100K a mo

(I sat Btwn Israel who makes 50K a day (And P*AID My way to get my help) as a C*ASH only Dentist. And Israel - who imports Diamonds) in a room with 3000!

I met her top Trainee (Blonde woman from Holland) Making 100 M*illion a year - and worked with her for a year too. (I can Share what she does too. But that was After I made this mp3 audio)

138.97 Bucks CLICKABLE Invoice Link -

CLICK BELOW to Get Started NOW -

(CLICKABLE LINK went here)

STEP SEVEN - Jeremy said he would Pay 300.00 in December - Then 300.00 in Jan and Feb.

STEP EIGHT - I Forwarded my Email to Jeremy AND His Request to P*ay 300.00 over 3 Months to ***Cary in Florida.***

STEP NINE - Cary Thanked me for Thinking of him. Said he was INTERESTED.

STEP TEN - I Sent Cary a Couple Paragraphs Showing How "Munny LUVS Speed" would Help him Solve 3 of His S*ales Problems.

I - Screening out Bad Prospects
II - Getting Prospects who say "Yes" to Refer - Right Away.
III - And the Fact That Those REFERRALS - Invisibly closed The S*ale.

STEP ELEVEN - Then sent Cary a Short TRIAL CLOSE Email -

Thanks Cary,

Double Checking you got my Answer to your Questions About "MUNNY LUVS SPEED" ok.

Not Really able to Get into More Details until
AFTER you go thru the mp3 AUDIO PROGRAM.

Which is THE REASON I recorded all this Stuff.

It would Take us HOURS on the phone to cover.

STEP TWELVE - Cary Emailed back that he -

Had - Got it.

Was - ready to go.

Thinks he is SOLD.

SO WE TOLD HIM Where to Send The First 300 Bucks for the 913.89
"Munny LUVS Speed" Mp3 Program.


#1 - I have not used Jeremy or Cary's REAL NAMES. We do this 100% of the time.
#2 - I have not shared their Email Words. Becuz We Have Not Gotten PERMISSION to use Their emails Yet. But This was a Perfect Case Study - So We Outlined it so you could APPLY this idea yourself.
#3 - PLEASE Focus on the Way We Adapted THE CARNEGIE COMPETITION STRATEGY - when we Showed Cary that Jeremy had ALREADY agreed to Purchase.)


P.S. - You Will Find 6 More Hours of CARNEGIE COMPETITION STRATEGY Mp3 Audio Case Studies at:

"What B*illionaires Know That M*illionaires Don't"

Chapter 9 - How Dana Green Used *Carnegie Competition*


How Dana Green Used *Carnegie Competition* to Ethically BlackMail
Local Business Owners into B*uying Several 100 Pages In The
"Welcome To Hawaii's Eldorado Country Club Who's Who Book"

Then Adapted The *Key Industry Biz Owner Book" to Ethically
BRIBE Affluent Asian Guests to P*ay a M*illion D*ollars EACH for


I watched Dana Walk into a local San Antonio Dental Office. And Walk Out - 15 Minutes Later - with a 30,000.00 S*ale on Behalf of a Walter Hailey BootCamp
Attendee - friend of mine.

(EDITORS NOTE - Israel - An All Cash Dentist Making 50K a day - had a Dental BackEnd Product System That was Making 32K to 40K a month. But Dana STILL had to Persuade the Dentist to PLOP down 30Grand.)

While Swapping Proven 7 Figure Stories with Dana She Told me how she Rescued a Golf Course in Hawaii.

A - Investors B*uy Land - spend ooodles of cash to built a Triple Hi End Country Club and Golf Course.

B - Invite Affluent Asians to Take a Tour - NOBODY WAS B*UYING.

C - One of the Investors Knew Dana. Called About their 143 M*illion D*ollar S*ales EMERGENCY.

Here is How Dana S*OLD Out Club Memberships in a couple Months time.

FIRST Dana got a List of all the Affluent Business owners In Hawaii. All the islands.

2nd - She Organized the list so she could Contact the Top 2 or 3 MOST Successful in Each Industry Niche.

3rd - Dana created a Color Coffee Table SIZE GIANT Book called,

"Welcome to Hawaii's Eldorado Country Club/
Golf Course Who's Who Biz Guide."

4th - Dana Personally Called The #1 Owner of Each Business Niche. Let's say, Heating and Cooling - HVAC Supplies."

DANA - "Hi, This is Dana Again. I just sent you a couple 100 Names of the Affluent Asian Guests We Have Scheduled to Visit the El Dorada Country Club this Month.

"DID You Get The List OK? Has your Boss seen it yet? I'm calling Your Boss - TED -First BEFORE I contact his 2 Biggest Competitors - Sam Walden and Gary Golden.

5th - "Hi Ted. We are Organizing Trade Shows - Gala Events for Each Group of affluent Visitors from Singapore, Hong Kong and China. I Am told you are the President of the Local HVAC Association.

"I am Calling To give you FIRST SHOT at the Front Page of the HVAC Section of our "WECOME BOOK" Which includes a front Row Booth At Each Trade Show. And F-r-e-e Tickets to Parties and Charity Events Attended by groups of Multi-Millionaire Asian Visitors. YOU HAVE THE GUEST LIST in YOUR HANDS.

6th - "Do You Want The EXCLUSIVE Top Dog Spot? Or do I call and offer it to Sam or Gary - Your 2 Biggest Competitors.

7th - Ted says, "YES, how much?

8th - Dana says, "25,000.00

9th - Ted says, "This Is BlackMail. Where do I send The Check?"

100 Front pages is 2.5 M*illion


AFTER The FIRST PARTY & Trade Show - Dana had set up 93 Joint Venture Deals btwn Local Hawaiian Business owners and Affluent Asians.

She Used These 2 Pages
of 93 Joint Venture Deals
as a BOOK MARK - for each of
The FULL COLOR "Welcome Books" - DANA Personally - Gave Out - to Wealthy Asian PARTY Guests.

I - YES - The Cost of Joining a Hawaii Based Country Club was Cheaper than Japan.

II - YES - They could write it off as a Business Expense. Plus Bring their Families. Because The Country club included All sorts of Hotel/Resort/Vacation Activities and shopping.

III - But What SEALED The Deal was the List of OTHER Asians. Many Competitors who were already making BIG MUNNY with Joint Venture Deals WITH Local Hawaiian Business Owners.

Now there was a Multi-M*illion D*ollar REASON WHY to P*ay a M*illion D*ollars to Join the Eldorado Country Club, Golf Course and Resort.


Dana Quickly sold out the First 50 M*illion MEMBERSHIPS.

Then The Investors Had to Hustle
To Get Everything Ready for the Next 50 Memberships.

Because NEW MEMBERS Started
bringing Company Presidents and Family members BOTH.

AND NOBODY thought Dana would be able to SELL 50 M*Illion D*ollars in Memberships in just a few weeks.


Chapter 10 - 3 Bucks Saves Me 300.00 At The Auto Repair Shop


How We Used 3 Different B*illion D*ollar Strategies
to Get 3 Auto Repair Jobs Done for 10 Bucks Each
INSTEAD of HUNDREDS at the Toyota Dealership.


The 3 Different B*illion D*ollar Strategies List -

***#1 - NEER - Naturally Existing Economic Relationship - SELLING

Do Biz Repeatedly with Local Biz Owners. They are Your Suppliers.

***#2 - MASTERMIND of 2 - Deepen TRUST by Telling Stories

***#3 - CARNEGIE COMPETITION - (We Shared How Other Local Folks Had Used the Thank You REWARD We Gave Him.)


The 3 Auto Repair Jobs We Got Done for 10 Bucks Each.

A - I had a slow Leak in the left Rear Tire of my Toyota automobile. Every 3 months I'd add air. But come winter It went Flat FASTER.

B - Toyota Tacoma Truck - Flat as a pancake OVERNIGHT. 171 Strokes to Pump that Sucker up so I could Drive it to the Auto Shop.


JOB ONE - Take the Flat tire off the Truck and Put on The SPARE. OMGAWD - some idiot CAR DESIGNER/ENGINEER has my truck spare Up under the rear bumper - Held there by a thin Cable. (You have to CRANK Up and Down!)

Took the Mechanic and me an HOUR to Find the Jack and the tools to Un-wind the Cable and Get The Spare off the truck. Then Replace the Right Rear Flat Tire with the New Spare Tire.

"ME - "How much do I owe you?

Charlie - 10 bucks.

JOB TWO - After I got the Exact Model # off of both Car and Truck Tires. Amazon delivered both tires for F-r-e-e. I took the new Car Tire over to Charlie.
He swapped the wheel from the SLOW LEAKING tire to The New Tire.

ME - What do I owe You?

Charlie - 10 Dollars.

JOB THREE - I took the New TRUCK TIRE over to Charlie - the Mechanic. He swapped the Wheel from the FLAT TIRE to the New Tire. Took off the Right Rear Tire - Replaced it with A New Tire. (So I have 2 New Rear Tires) And then put the Old tire Back Up under the Truck hanging from the Crazy CABLE.

ME - How Much Do I owe You?

Charlie - Ten Bucks.


What We Did Which Just MIGHT Have helped to SAVE HUNDREDS of D*ollars in Labor Costs at The Auto Shop.


I Tapped on Charlie's Office window at 9 am.

Charlie looked up from his Desk.

Then we Shot a HUGE CLOUD of Colorful Confetti ALL over his front Window. Wooden Bench. And Walkway.

Then Went in and Handed Him CONFETTI CANNON #2.

CHARLIE Asked - "What do I do with THIS?"

a - I Explained how I Send a Case Of Confetti Cannon to Business owners
before I call them on the phone.

b - I told Charlie, "I thought you might ENJOY Playing with a Confetti Cannon Yourself.

c - Told him About Shooting CONFETTI at the Garbage Truck guys.

d - The Lady who delivers my Mail. All over her windshield.

e - My Bank Manager. Shot confetti all over her office window. She took her Confetti Cannon Home. Gave it to HUBBY. Who shot Confetti all over her Living room. THEN she had to Clean it up.


f - Then I told Charlie the Confetti was Bio-Degradable. So the Confetti all over the front of his shop would go away.

In Charlie's Office ASKED, "Where's The PARTY?


***NEER - Charlie is a Local Supplier. I had visited with a neighbor to get his Car Inspected. Also a 2nd time to get some Wheel Bearings Replaced. (The neighbor - not me.)

NEER is about Asking for Referrals from PEOPLE YOU P*AY munny to - In a Way that MAKES THEM MORE Munny. Instead of Asking People who P*AY You to Refer Prospects.

***MASTERMIND Rapport with 2 Minds - I told Charlie a Story about driving a furniture truck. How I missed The LIFT GATE.

Charlie Told how when he got married he had ZERO munny. Bought a 2nd Hand Refrigerator. But couldn't get it up the Stairs. A Little 150 lb friend said, "I'll do it."

Wrapped Rope around Both Arms. Flipped the Rope over the Fridge. Carried the 200 lb Fridge up the Stairs on his BACK.

***CARNEGIE COMPETITION - We Told Charlie about all the Locals We Had Given CONFETTI CANNON to. And said, "Let me know what you DO with Your Confetti Cannon."


P.S. - 12 Chapters of NEER - Step by Step Details...

Chapter 11 - 12 ODD Ways to Measure/Improve Your TRUST-Based-S*ales Skills

How Do You MEASURE Whether or Not The
Rapport Btwn You & A Prospect is

Answer - "You Test!"


"How Do You INCREASE Your S*ales"
By Creating Greater TRUST?

Answer - You FLIRT TEST.

(EDITORS NOTE - Dunno about you. But I have NEVER - EVER Found Anything or anyone who has a Proven Way to MEASURE the Amount of TRUST You Create in a S*ales Situation - so You Can IMPROVE. So We Created Our Own Method. P.S. - If You Find Any Exercises BESIDES Our Flirt Test/Trust Measurement System (BELOW) - Email me Quick at )


Thanks to Chapters 1 thru 10 - you Should KNOW that the way Our BIG RED NOSE CLUB Members Test Rapport Levels SAFELY -
without Risking That You LOSE a S*Ale -

is with...


QUESTION - Would You Rather Insert "NEER" into a S*ales Pitch (Before you have Practiced?) and RISK Losing Munny or Would You Rather Flirt Tip a BarMaid - using NEER - with nobody the wiser but YOU?

(EDITORS NOTE - Remember the PROCESS to Give Away (or S*ELL Munny) is exactly the same as if you were Selling a Product or Service.)

Our Mastermind VIP INNER CIRCLE Members
Seem to think the Following 3 FLIRT Tipping Tactics are The Easiest...

***INSTANT LOTTO ticket Tipping

***1.00 Bill Tipping

***Hold Up a 1.00 Bill AND a 1.00 LOTTO Ticket - Let the Waitress Choose How You Tip.


The Following List of Low C*ost FLIRT TIPPING ITEMS


Because each one requires MORE PIZZAZZ.

Better Rapport.

MORE TRUST btwn You And the Cashier
before He or She Will ACCEPT a WEIRD Tip from you.

THUS allowing You To Safely Test
Your Rapport and Trust Building SKILLS
Risk - Free - without Messing Up a REAL S*Ales Situation.


Here are 12 BIG RED NOSE Worthy ITEMS - We Have Successfully Tested
and Use over and over again.

Name - ?


***Take Action And then TELL Us what happens!

Because Based on Our OWN First Experiments - ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. This is The REASON WHY for the BigBrassOnes Domain Title.

#1 - Paper Roses -
Red, yellow, purple roses you make Right in Front of Her.

#2 - LED Glasses - Less than 1.00 a pair

#3 - LED IceCubes - (Food Grade - Drop them in a drink)


#4 - Confetti Cannon - Shoots Confetti 30 feet in the air (Bio-degradable)

#5 - LED Key Chain Mini Lite -

LED Keychain Mini-Lite

#6 - Flying Cow -

#7 - Cow PotHolder -

#8 - Donald Trump 1.00 Bill -

#9 - Melania Trump - M*illion D*ollar Bill -

#10 - Dog and Cat Instant Scratch OFF Lotto Ticket...

Ask your Gas Station or Grocery Store
for the LOTTO tickets with Fido or Whiskers on the front. (They get a Bigger Reaction than "normal" tickets.)

#11 - Chocolate Kisses - (Dark Chocolate is Best)

Your Local Grocery Store

#12 - Little Yellow Duckies (These have Pizzazz and Personality.)


P.S. - Dozens of Thank You REWARD Tipping Case Studies - Including Details on what to say and do to get All kinds of Amazing Results and Benefits.

Chapter 12 - "Sucky" RaceTrack Betting Window Job Turned BEST SELLER"



Belinda gets into the DARNDEST messes and sometimes Calls me. Which I ENJOY because she is Never Boring.


She bought 2 RaceHorses.


They were Constantly Bickering and fighting.


Naturally Belinda Hired A HORSE PSYCHIC to tell her what they were fighting about so she could "Fix" it.

THEN her blacksmith or Farrier QUIT.

Turns out she was paying the HORSE PSYCHIC more than him!


Now Belinda Has 2 Racehorse Brothers FIGHTING
Both the Horse Psychic and the Farrier HATE EACH OTHER too.


She has a REAL GIFT for Mischief.

But Belinda also has a S*Ales Gift.

In Fact she is a S*ALES GENIUS.

Which is where our MASTERMIND of 2 Brains Comes in Handy.

Belinda got this goofy
RaceTrack Betting Window
Gig on a Whim.

But Found out she gets P*aid by the # of betters who bet on horses AT HER BETTING Window.

And her Betting window is the FURTHEST of all others from the FOOD!

So she has ZERO Betters in her line.

Belinda called me.

Her Question: "How can I sell Betting Slips if nobody comes to my Betting Window?"

bunch of Questions.

ME - "Can you go over to the people in other betting lines and bring them back to YOUR WINDOW?"

BELINDA - "No. I tried that. The other Betting Window ladies Complained to the manager and he threatened to fire me."

ME - "AHA! So We Will have to Go INVISIBLE."

BELINDA - "What the hell does That mean? I can't turn myself Invisible."

ME - "Yes You Can."

And We Explained about our Research with Ideas from ""The Little Man Who Owns His Own Island." Who has taught himself to Communicate INVISIBLY with others Unconscious Minds - using BODY Signals.

ME - We Told Belinda - "The Unconscious controls your heart beat. Your Breathing. So if You TALK to The UNCONSCIOUS Minds of Folks in OTHER Lines waiting to bet.... You can Get them to come over to YOUR Betting Window."

BELINDA - "Ok. I am Desperate. I'll try it. What do I do?"

STEP I - "Find men and Women Wearing Something THEY ARE PROUD of. Something that STANDS OUT.

"Women - Hats, Big Jewelry - earrings, necklaces, wrist bangles, Colorful Tops, Fancy boots.

"Men - Fancy hat, Giant Belt Buckles, Big Ugly Watchhes, Fancy boots.

STEP II - "Wave at them then Point. Depending on how far away they are you may have to WAVE both hands over your head.

STEP III - "Then POINT at one person. And then Point at Yourself - Where their HAT might be. Or the HUGE Earrings. Or take an Extra Pair of boots with you. HOLD up and POINT at your boot and then Point Back to THEIR boots.

STEP IV - "Then motion them over to YOUR Booth. And Say, "I have a LUCKY FEELING. The color of YOUR Boots, Hat, Jewelry (PICK ONE) - Matches the Colors of a Horse in the NEXT Race.

STEP V - You say, "I'll show you WHICH Colors match IF You get your Betting Tickets at my window.

Heh heh heh

I worked Briefly at a RaceTrack. These people are NUTTY as a fruitcake about their LUCK.

FINAL STEP - I told Belinda - "do this INVISIBLE BODY SIGNAL STUFF until someone WINS BIG at your Window..

"Then go to the Print Shop and Make 1000 copies of the Winning Ticket
and the Betting Window where it was Purchased.

"Staple that 1/4 page to every Ticket you sell from then on.

"NOBODY ELSE is doing that.

"Your Window will Get a REPUTATION as "The Lucky Window."

to pass.

The Empty betting window suddenly had the LONGEST Lines at the race track and None of the other Betting Window ladies could complain - because Belinda Used INVISIBLE COMMUNICATION.



Buy One and Get the 2nd Program for F-re-e.

Part I -

Part II -

Chapter 13 - If I'm Any More Successful I'm Going to Die

A Giant Corporate CASE STUDY that Shows STEP BY STEP DETAILS of
Can Quickly Double or Triple S*ales...

Gwen Stood up at a 20,000.00 Seminar we attended. Explained that she worked
in the Sales Department of a Giant Software Company.

She is the ONLY ONE writing Snail Mail offers
to folks who B*uy their software.

Every time she mails out 5000 Letters
4000 Desperate B*uyers Call Her Phone # and
Order the Company's HOW-TO-VIDEOS from her.

And she is BURNT OUT. Her phone rings non-stop
eight hours a day.

We Followed her out to the Buffet Table during a Break.


A - Gwen Might (Secretly without telling her XYZ Company) Hire
an Order Taking Service. Gwen Makes the S*ale - then Flips the B*uyer over to get the paperwork and forms filled out.

B - Gwen Might Let the B*uyers do all her work. Take each Call.
Get The Prospects Email address. Email them a List of The Educational Products. Call them back and Walk them thru the page.
And let THEM Print out - Fill Out the Invoice. Then Fax it back to her desk.

C - Gwen Might Set Her Phone Up so it Can Do CONFERENCE CALLING. And since
her phone rings non-stop - 8 hours a day - with Hungry Buyers.
Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring - Add 5 or 10 at a time to a Conference Call. And send them to her website and walk them ALL thru the ordering Form and Product list.


We Followed up. Gwen Took Action with Letter A - And sounded more Rested when she said she had SLOWLY
so as not to Trigger Attention from her boss - Grown her s*ales to double. Then Triple.

#2 - When her boss Asked her, "How are You Selling more than anyone else?"
Gwen said, "I am Cold Calling Customers from the Software Order List.

Her Manager And Her Co-workers Reply?

"Oh, I hate Cold Calling. I Don't Want to do that."

#3 - Gwen says what she is doing with DIRECT MAIL is against the rules. They
are Not Allowed to "Bother" their B*uyers.

So she B*uys lunch for the guy who runs the
Mailing/Shipping Dept. And he Slips her letters into his OUT PILE
to be Mailed at Company Expense.


CHAPTER 14 - How 89,000.00 *Stuffed in a Strippers G-String* Got Me 2 Clients.

Dear Friend,

Jimmy from Georgia got Referred to me.

Told me how his Uncle had FIRED him from his own Business. Charging 500 bucks to Fix Credit Card Debt.

I KNEW about this already.

There are ways to Legally Force the 3 Credit Card Companies to EXPUNGE or Clear off each bad Debt item in Your Credit Report.

(EVERYTHING you read says Different) But if you KNOW what to say in your Registered/Certified Delivery letter You CAN do it. BY LAW - The Credit companies have to REPLY to your Request within a certain time. SO WHEN U ASK Questions about your Credit Report that take LONGER than 30 days to Get the Information back to you. You Force the 3 Companies to DELETE that item from your Report.)

Jimmy was Amazing.

He had the Answers to ALL my Difficult Questions on the tip of his tongue.

So We Wrote a 3 Page Report:

"Credit Card NIGHTMARES & How I've Solved Them"


"Instead of going to Gas Stations. Go somewhere with more Affluent Prospects.
Like a Mall or a Charity Event or NightClub."

Wear a Badge that Says,
"Credit Card

"When someones comes up to ASK you about your Badge. HAND them My Report. Then Charge them 500 Bucks to Fix Their Bad Credit.

JIMMY Went all out.
Got a BRIGHT YELLOW 8 by 10 Sign Laminated.

Hung it around his neck.

Walked around a Fancy Mall all day Saturday and Sunday.

Jimmy Called back to report he had Made 5000 Bucks in 2 days!

(I actually Over-Heard one such s*ale to a Cashier at the Mall. In the 3 Page REPORT I'd written down 5 STORIES about the 5 Most Common Causes of BAD CREDIT that Jimmy had fixed. And the lady said, "Oh, this one is me. How Much to Fix my Credit?")


Jimmy kept calling to Ask, "What do I do Next? -- until he employed dozens of Stay-at-Home-Mom's to Handwrite Letters to The Credit Companies."

When I asked WHY he did that.

Jimmy said his income was up to 89,000.00 a month and the CREDIT CARD company were trying to FIND him. Shut him down.

THEN I SAID, "Ok, Please send me some of that 89K a month. You can Afford to P*AY ME Now."

Jimmy for a while.


(EDITORS NOTE - You Can Find This Entire Essay - online - Just Google - "ralph waldo emerson essay on compensation".

Emerson is One of Our Foremost AMERICAN Philosophers. Ralph Waldo Emerson said in his ESSAY ON COMPENSATION...

This is My Translation - "When You Are Hired By an UNGRATEFUL EMPLOYER - Work Harder even though you don't get Paid. Because you are Earning Compound Interest from The Universe. Not only can't Your Boss STEAL what you have learned. But the Universe will Pay You Back MANY TIMES - some way - some how.)

WOW - HOWDY did this Work!

Makes a FUNNY Story too.

FIRST - I get a Call from, Alice, a College Coed Jimmy Hired to do some of some of his Credit Card Work.

Jimmy was "Hitting" on her. She wanted my help setting up her own "Credit Repair Business."

ALICE wanted to Hire Me to Help Her S*ell 500.00 Credit Repair to her Co-workers at her part time job at SPRINT - without them knowing SHE WAS Getting their munny.


Has BRASS OVARIES and Takes Action in Ways We Would Have NEVER Thunk up. So Stay Tuned for MORE Stories About Alice.

SECOND - I get a Phone Call from TALIA-The-Stripper Whose G-String DRUNK JIMMY was Stuffing my 89,000 Bucks into.

Talia calls herself a "Dancing Psychologist". She only Lap Dances for Rich Married Men whose Wives Won't LISTEN to their Problems.

But She Made an EXCEPTION for Jimmy.

Talia Explained that THE REASON Jimmy's Uncle threw him out of his company was JIMMY Had Fallen in LUV with Talia. Was a GENEROUS DRUNK who Put all his Munny into her G-String.

And Now That Jimmy was "RICH and DRUNK AGAIN" he was Bragging about his Mentor - who had helped him make 89K a Month Cash.

NEEDLESS to Say - I was a Bit STARTLED.

But Talia Explained that After Her Parents were killed in a Car Crash - She bought a fake ID. And Started Dancing as a way to Keep her 3 Brothers and Sisters together.

The Girl Has Guts.

THIRD - Talia Wanted to HIRE ME to Help her and a Gal Pal Make BIG MUNNY at her Girl Friends WEDDING!



We Made a Lot of Munny Together. But THAT is yet another Story - You will hear about later.



Jimmy has Several BAD HABITS.

Drinking is one.

Parking illegally and Tossing the Tickets is a 2nd BAD Habit.

Jimmy had been Getting dozens of Parking tickets. Tossing them on the floor of his car.

He was Arrested.

Thrown into a BRAND - SPANKING New Prison that Gets Paid federal Funds for each prisoner they keep behind bars.

Jimmy got his ONE PHONE Call. Called his "Business Partner". Who REFUSED to P*AY his Bail.

And Jimmy RESTED behind Bars for a Couple Months - with no way to Call OUTSIDE - because he Represented Extra C*ash to the State.

(EDITORS NOTE - I know this cuz Jimmy Called me when he FINALLY got Out of Jail. Wanted help with a NEW BUSINESS. Cuz his Credit Repair Biz Fell Apart while he was INCARCERATED.)

I Said, "No Thank You" and Hung up.

Never told Jimmy about the 2 New Clients he Referred Me.


Chapter 15 - How Paul Used GRIEF to Break Insurance Sales Records

How I Chased 2 "Church People"
Away from My Door Who Wanted
to Talk About Dealing with GRIEF.


Most Telemarketers are Rude.

They COLD CALL you on the phone and START their Pitch.

"Church Types" too.

All of them Cold-Call at your Door - and Launch into their Canned Pitch.

They Waste your time.
They Interrupt you.
They Keep you outside talking in the Cold.


So You Have MY PERMISSION to Use The Following TRUE STORIES
to Chase these RUDE FOLKS away from Your Door Too.


Let's Begin.

I see 2 Guys get out of a car - SMACK Dab in my Driveway. Walk up to my Door carrying a Bible and a Pamphlet.

I think, "AHA! Here we go again."

LITERALLY DOZENS and DOZENS of such Visits By These Folks And I KNOW They Have ZERO Sense of Humor.

PLUS they all follow a SCRIPT. My goal is to Distract them from giving me their Scripted Presentation. Which is SO BAD it's Painful to Hear.
Our Conversation Goes Like this:

ME - "Hi There. Before You Get Started I'd like to Give Each one of you a LOTTO Ticket."

JOE - "Oh, we don't gamble."

ME - "Oh, I don't either. This is a Sure Thing. I give these to Waitresses and Cooks in order to GET MORE FOOD.

JOE Blinks and Shakes it off - "Hello my Name is Joe and this is Joe Jr.

ME - "Wow. You guys are doing the same thing as that Boxing guy. Oh yeah. George Foreman. He named his 3 Sons GEORGE too. So when you yell, "Hey George." FOUR People Answer. I think he got hit in the head too many times.

JOE Forges Ahead - "I'm here to talk to you About GRIEF. How Do YOU Deal With GRIEF, Sir?

ME - "Well, we all deal with Grief differently. I have a Retired CIA, Black Opps Customer who deals with his Wife's Death by Helping Local Churches. He helps local Ministers, Priests and Rabbi's deal with CHILD ABUSE in their church Congregation.

"When all Else Fails and kids show up in Church all beat up - The Priest calls up my friend. He uses his Black Opps Skills to Sneak into their house. Tie them to the bed. Hang them from a door. And Explain if they keep beating their kid - when he comes Back they will NOT Survive his visit!

JOE is Persistent - "Very interesting Sir. Well, in this Pamphlet about Grief you can See a Verse from the Bible....

ME - "I'm A Marketing Consultant. I've got another friend who deals with GRIEF in a Different way. He lives in Oklahoma. He goes thru all the newspapers to find people who DIED Young. In their 30's or 40's.

"Writes down all the Surviving Pall Bearers and family in the Newspaper Death Notice. THEN CALLS THEM UP to say while they are in SHOCK from Grief, "You never know when it's Time for YOU to Go - even at a young Age. You Gotta Plan ahead. I've got this Death Insurance..."

"Ted set a Insurance SALES RECORD for the entire Company!

JOE Seems a bit Rattled. Shuffles his feet a bit - "Ok, Sir. Let me Read You This Bible Verse." And he does.

ME Talking to Joe Jr - "Some people deal with Grief by going to a Party."

JOE Interrupts. "That's true. Now after a Funeral instead of a Wake many Church people now get together for a CELEBRATION of the loved ones life.

ME - "Thanks for Reminding me about the Party aspect of Grief. Joe Jr - You Should LOOK this up when you get home. Gene Simmons of the Rock Group Kiss Has a KISS COFFIN Store in Texas.

"Each KISS Coffin has a Beer Tap. So the coffin fits right into the party. Oh and the Coffin has a Built in Music and Entertainment System. Hit a button And You Have Music at your Death Celebration.

JOE SENIOR is Agog - "Really? What do people Do with a coffin they buy Before they die?

ME - "Oh, they use the Coffins as a Coffee Table in their homes."

ME - "Joe Jr - You Should Look it up. Gene is a Genius at making Munny. His Coffins sell for 25 THOUSAND Dollars and up.

ME - "What you are doing is Great Dr to Dr Sales Experience - Joe Jr. I have some MORE Stories about Dr to Dr S*ales.

JOE SENIOR is Now Backing Away - Back out my side walk. Out towards the driveway. Edging towards his car. "Thanks for your Time Sir. We Gotta get going."

Heh Heh Heh



Oh. Did I mention that I Shook hands. Got Their Names. Got RAPPORT FIRST before I started Telling RUDE Stories?

Within Rapport you can Do and Say almost Anything.



JOE - Was RUDE to ME by Forcing me to Listen to HIS Church Version of Religion.

ME - IN TURN - I Was RUDE to Joe Back - by Pretending to offer them LOTTO tickets as a Thank you for their Unwanted Visit.

JOE - Then FORCED me to look at his CHURCH Flyer.

ME - I Compared their SAME NAMES to GEORGE FOREMAN and his sons.

JOE - Joe Forced me to Listen to him Talk About the article about GRIEF in his flyer.

ME - I told Joe that I'd seen dozens of these same Church Flyers and they Were BORING. Suggested the Church Find Better Flyers.

ME - I was very Impressed. Joe is a Rock. He kept going despite my BLATANT
ATTEMPTS to TELL HIM - with Goofy Grief Stories - that I DON'T WANT YOU HERE.

ME - However. I finally found Joe's WEAK Spot. When I started Talking to His Brother - Joe Jr. Trying to Show him how he could make munny with the Dr to Dr Skills he was learning from Door knocking for his Church.

THAT got Joe Senior - to Leave - Finally.

P.P.S. - NEXT Visit by these Church BOZO's - I'm going to Use 426 M*illion Mentor - Walter Hailey's INVISIBLE PERSUASION S*ales Script to SELL them something.


Chapter 16 - The BIG IDEA I Got From Mr B*illionaire When He Phoned

EDITORS NOTE - This Was Originally Posted At Alignable - but it came out SO WELL.
And Contains Several SEVEN FIGURE ideas - That Will GOOSE Profits for almost ANY
SMALL Biz. So we Shared it here.)

Thanks Candy,

Fantabulous Question.

Years Back - When My Marketing Biz Was Just Starting out I Listened to a Mentor Interview a SELF MADE B*illionaire.


I found Mr B*illionaires Website.

Bought 1000 Bucks worth of his books - to Use as Customer Thank You Rewards.




I got a Phone Call From Mr B*illionaire himself. THE REASON HE CALLED ME was He Liked my Company name (M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association) and he LIKED that I spend a Grand on his books.

Come to Find Out...

THE RASCAL wanted ME to Pre-Order several 1000 Dollars worth of his New Book.

So Mr B*illionaire Didn't have to

(A) Pay for Printing

(B) Pay to Send F-r-e-e Copies out to employees in his 19 Different companies.


Took Big Brass Ones
to Use OPM when He was the B*illionaire!


I KEPT HIM TALKING until he started COMPLAINING that he commanded 10K for 30 Minutes of his time. But I Was NOT PAYING HIM. (Great fun.)

FINALLY he bragged how he started a F-r-e-e Weekly "Marketing Tip of the week Newsletter" and in less than ONE YEAR had over a M*illion Subscribers.

I thought, "AHA! I Can Do that."


Started my own F-r-e-e Ezine, "The Big Red Nose Club New Idea Testing Ezine" which has had a HUGE IMPACT on my bottom line.


Cuz While I am (Writing An Ezine About How We Used An Idea From A 1-of-a-Kind 6 hr Case Study filled mp3 Program Like, "ENCHANTED NLP...") to make ONE EZINE Reader Extra C*ASH - Other Ezine readers BUY THAT Info Product too.)


Inspite of his WHINGING. I have to Thank Mr B*illionaire
for one of the most P*ofitable Ideas I have ever found.


Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

P.S. - 7 Figure Idea for You Candy. While in Naperville, IL for a seminar held by a man worth 100 M*illion. I found out he had set his WIFE up in the REMODELLING BIZ!




She is Making MILLIONS.

How Does She Do it? Among all her ideas HERE is MY FAVORITE...

STEP ONE - Lands an Affluent Home Owner Client

STEP 2 - When the woman of the House is WILDY Happy. She Asks, "Do You Have Any NEIGHBOR Friends You Would Like to GIFT some Ideas to?"

STEP 3 - AND her Affluent Home Owner Marches over to 1 - 2 - 3 Neighbors houses.

Knocks on the door. And INTRODUCES Her.

ENDORSES HER to the neighbor.

STEP #4 - This idea BLEW ME AWAY!

Turns out.

***Women Decorate each room to make themselves look MORE BEAUTIFUL!***


The LADY of the House Is Asked to FETCH her FAVORITE OUTFIT. And they brainstorm Ideas on How to Make That ROOM - Enhance her BEAUTY while Wearing that Outfit!



do the same

Thing in a Kitchen.

STEP #5 - Great Fun to VideoTape KITCHEN BEAUTY MAKE-OVERS. Stick them up on YOUR Website - Candy - And Show them to Home owners on their iPhones.

STEP #6 - If You KNOW How to Make the Woman of the House
think that the BEST Kitchen Makeover Ideas are HERS. SHE WILL SELL HERSELF. Chase YOU with her CheckBook.

CHAPTER #17 - Dermatologist Path To Billionaire

What is the most surprising connection you've made that led to new business?

Thanks Alison,

Excellent Question.

I was chatting with a guy I met at a Seminar.

He was Complaining about several Brilliant SalesPeople he Couldn't Sell Seminar Seats to. But who should REALLY ATTEND because they would Get more than most out of the info.

So I said, "Send 1 or 2 to me. I'll Close them FOR you by making them Extra Munny. YOU Get The Credit.
You Get Paid for The Sale. I get a Success Story to Add to my Marketing.

So He Referred me to Belinda.

When we met She Was Selling Securities for a Bank. Mailing their List or Retirees. I told her about a
project I did where I interviewed Retirees for the Largest Living Trust Attorney in CA.

Suggested She Send a MENU describing the LipSmacking food at the F-r-e-e Bank Seminar, Instead
of a Sales Letter.

WOW. Her next Event was Standing room only.

Belinda attended the Next Jay Abraham Marketing Bootcamp. And we met.

Then Belinda Got a Telemarketing Job Selling Aluminum Siding. And Became #1 in Sales.

Then Belinda was suddenly Selling Magazine Subscriptions by phone. And Became #1.

Suddenly Belinda Called to Report she had bought two Race Horses. Took a Part Time Job At a Betting Window. Called for ideas on how to Attract Folks over to Her Window - Furthest from the Food.

Next Belinda Called up for help. She was selling for a Company that Reduced The Amount you paid on your Student loans. Her Calls were Recorded. Her Boss Insisted she STICK to The Script. Which DID NOT WORK. And She needed Something INVISIBLE that would Close more Sales. She became #1.

Then Belinda Called for help. She had this Sales Job helping a man who Sold 2000.00 Programs on how to make munny in the Stock Market. Belinda's Job? Call each person RIGHT AFTER they bought. Before they CHANGED their minds. She got 50 Bucks per call for those who enrolled in a Support Stock Trading Program. Became #1 in Sales. Got Fired Cuz Her Boss Said she was making too much munny. Then REHIRED when the BIG BOSS said, "Too Many 2000.00 Buyers Are Cancelling. FIX it or you are fired."

So We Negotiated a raise for Belinda from 50 to 100.00 per Sale.

Finally - Belinda Called. She got hired as The Personal Assistant for a Self Made B*illionaire. Her current
Project was to Ride Herd on a bunch of guys each investing 100 M*illion Each into Mr B*illionaires New Project. Belinda Had a Request. Her Boss Didn't want to invest his Own Munny into the 100 Million deal.

Her Question: "Did I know of an Out-side-the-Box Insurance Agent who could do an Insurance Wrap
on 3 Billion in Gold Dust sitting in a Las Vegas Warehouse? So Mr B*illionaire could use that as his 100 Million Investment?

We made a call to a mentor worth 426 M*illion. Got the # of a Talented Lloyds of London Insurance Agent.


Mr B*illionaire Agreed to Talk to me About HOW He Began as a Dermatologist. Changed his office from
a small house by itself. Moved to a Big Hi-Rise Full of Competing Dermatologists. BORROWED THOUSANDS of Patients from competitors with a Pied Piper Strategy.

Long Lines Doubled and Doubled and Doubled His Practice income. Suddenly his income was TEN TIMES
What he made before. Started Investing. Jumped into Commodities. Within a few years passed a B*illion in revenue.


We now are able to Double Sales for Telemarketers. Jim took his Telemarketing Moolah from Selling
Solar Panels - went to China - sat in a Grass Hut for a month MEDITATING. Francis Quit his Architect Job.
Tripled his income by switching to his 3-D Drawing hobby. Silvia sold 1.2 M*illion D*ollars of Toyota's.

And the PIED PIPER Strategy is a Very Effective Sales Story for my Business.

Glenn Osborn

Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

P.S. - Oooops. Have had to Cut Short my Answer Because it does not fit in this Alignable Box.

To Read The REST of The STORY about how Mr B*illionaires PIED PIPER Self Referral System Works. Check my Alignable page - then visit my F-r-e-e website Archive.

NOT KIDDING. My last answer got off.

THE REST of Mr Billionaires PIED PIPER Self Referral Story...

Mr Billionaire is one of those Folks Who makes GUT INSTINCT Decisions.

He cannot Explain Why to others.

But when he gets a FEELING he Takes Action.

So Once Upon a time.

While Sitting in his office he got an idea.

Everybody told him, "You are NUTS to move out of your Perfect Office in this cheap little building.

But He Moved his Dermatology Practice to a GIANT office Building where Literally 100's of others Dermatologists, Psychologists, Dentists, Endodontists and other Professional Practice owners had their Offices AND Patient Waiting rooms.

NEXT Mr-Soon-to-Be-a-B*illionaire - Made a List of the Most Affluent CELEBRITIES in his City.

Sports Stars, Movie Stars, TV News Anchors.

Wrote them letters, Called their offices and Agents.

OFFERED THEM F_R_E_E Dermatology Services - since their FACES WERE THEIR FORTUNE.

The Pied Piper Effect KICKED IN.

What is the Pied Piper Effect?

How did it Create Such LONG LINES in front of his Dermatology Office that he had to Hire Extra Staffers to Serve Coffee and Take Down - Patient History info.

How DID He BORROW Patients from 100's of his competitors Waiting rooms? So much so that they accused him of BRIBING Their Patients.

Here is How The Pied Piper Customer Getting System Works...

PICTURE YOURSELF SITTING in The Waiting Room at your Doctors Office.
Or Getting a Soda Out of the Machine in the Hall.

A - Suddenly you see a Well Known NEWS Anchor walk by.

B - A BasketBall Star - Walks Past Your Waiting Room.

C - The Quarterback for the Local FootBall Team Strolls by The Waiting room.

You Rush out and Get An Autograph.


"What are you doing here Mr or Ms SUPER STAR?

Quarterback Answers, "Oh. I'm here to see my Dermatologist. Too much time in the sun Is bad for my skin."




The trail of CELEBRITIES back to The GENIUS Dermatologists Office!

Get in Line and Are Served Coffee and Donuts.

And Fill Out Forms - which include your Credit Card information.

And Watch while a PARADE of Famous People go in AHEAD of YOU. Thus confirming your DECISION that THIS is the Guy you want to Pay to Do Your Dermatology work.

Even though you never Even Considered Such a thing Before.

But if the CELEBS are doing it.

You want some too.



P.S. - Since You LIKE Referral Systems that Have Created SELF MADE Billionaires. You Might Like this E-book which Shows How We Implement another Billion Dollar Referral System for Clients.


Billion Dollar Referral System
Login Page:

Chapter 18 - Free Lunches For Zeke

Zeke Called Up And Said, "I'm Bored. Can You Turn Me Into a Restaurant Consultant?"

Merry Christmas Everybody,

You Tell ME whether You Think ZEKE has Big Brass Ones.

Zeke said, "I'd like to eat for Free. That's why I want to be a Restaurant Consultant."

ME - "Huh?"

Okey Dokey.

We Can Probably make that happen.

ME - "Which Restaurant do you want to Do Marketing for?"

ZEKE - "I dunno. You're the Expert. You Pick."

ME - "Ok. I googled your town and there is ONE RAW FOOD Restaurant there. Which is owned by the chef. Go over there and tell me what you See."

ZEKE - "Well, the owner has a night class which I joined. No Menu's. He lists the Raw food Recipes on the menu on a CHALK BOARD."

ME - "Please ask some of the other Patrons WHAT They Like Best About The food."

ZEKE - LAUGHING. "Most of them HATE the food. They are there because their Doctors Said, "Go to the RAW FOOD restaurant and Eat Or You Are Going to DIE."

ME - "You're Kidding?

ZEKE - "Nope."

ME - "Ok. Is there anyone there who might know what Diners EAT The Most Of - Long Term? Over the past few months? There MUST Be Something they like!

ZEKE - "I Talked to the kid at the Cash Register. Offered to Buy him Lunch. HE CHOSE MCDONALDS!"

ME - "Oh Brother."

ZEKE - "I Found out there are TWO Desserts and a 3 Different Entree's that people like best. But The Chef Likes to Cook NEW Stuff that they Hate.

ME - "Ok. Please Tell the Chef You have a Marketing Genius Mentor. At my Direction You Found Out WHAT PEOPLE WANT To EAT More Of. And We Have Created a PlaceMat Which (Your Mentor) Guarantees Will Boost Food Sales."

ZEKE - "Are You Sure About this?"

ME - "Yeah. We have tested this idea at other Restaurants."

ZEKE - "Ok, Then. What do I Write on The Placemats?"


"Our Two BEST SELLING Desserts Are:
Dessert I - Dessert 2


Entree 1 - Entree 2 - Entree 3

ZEKE - "Ok. I Showed The Owner the 2 PlaceMats. He Agreed to Cook some of those Items. And I Put out The Placemats on all the tables. Under the Glass Table Covers."


ME - "How is it going?"

ZEKE - "We Have a Problem. The Chef Is Going NUTS. He Can't Keep Up with the orders. HE didn't make enough food in advance. Plus people want to take some home."

ME - "Ooooops. Maybe The Chef Can Make up some meals. And Freeze them. Put them in one of those Rolling Cake - Dessert Carts I've seen in Restaurants."

ZEKE - "NIX on Spending Munny on a Fancy Food Cart. The Chef says he has an old Chest Freezer at home. He's Bringing That in to the Restaurant. What do I Write to Get Diners to BUY food to take home out of the Freezer.

That up Next.

ZEKE - "The Chef is really happy. His total Food Sales are up 17%. But I Also HATE the food. Am Really tired of only eating 2 Desserts and 3 other meals. So I am Quitting the Restaurant Consulting Biz. Adios Amigo.
Thanks for Reading About ZEKE's Instant Consulting Adventure!

Glenn Osborn
Shadow Chef Marketing Consultant

Chapter 19 - * 3 M*illionaire S*elling Systems for a 12 Yr Old

Happy New Year Timothy,

3 Proven Munny Making ideas for Your Niece
to Guarantee her Fund Raising efforts are Successful.


Here is a List of the WEIRD items We have Successfully used in
Both Flirt Tipping Tests and Then in S*ales.

Check out CHAPTER #11 - at
In Your Nieces Case BRASS OVARIES.


The LED Glasses and The Food Grade LED IceCubes
are the ONLY items I have had Multiple Kids/Adults - men AND women
come up to me and ask, "WHERE CAN I B*UY that?"


A - Your Niece Might Make Some Quick C*ash by Doubling or Tripling
the Cost of a Box of 12 - LED Glasses or LED iceCubes.

IF you are a PRIME member - you get F-r-e-e S & H at Amazon
with 2 DAY Delivery. So she could get PAID. Order and Deliver without using
her own munny.

M*illionaire Insurance Agent - Dr to Dr - While Preparing a Home Insurance
P*rice for Home owner A - Gary goes Left and Right and Back and Front.

KNOCKS on the Four Neighbors doors in The Evening
especially Friday or weekends. When they are HOME.

Says, "Just Knocking So You Won't Call The Cops. I am doing a F-r-e-e
Home Insurance Eval for your Neighbor Tommy. Looks like inflation
means he needs a bit more insurance."

100% - or all 4 ASK, "Can you eval my home too? (Then he does it again and again and works his way down the street.)

SAME SCRIPT should Work for Your Niece.

"Just Knocking so You Don't call the Cops. I am Measuring up Your Neighbor TOMMY's Driveway and Curb to Give him a Price for Fluorescent Reflective Painting.

(EDITORS NOTE - This would be Particularly effective for your Niece. Cuz
the LED glasses and IceCubes are AMAZING at night.)

One of my M*illionaire Clients has Adapted the Insurance Agents
Ideas by using DOOR HANGERS.

One of his Clients is P*aying him to Attract Students to their Computer
Software Program Training Courses.

And Wally is using Door Hangers and a follow up Post Card.

Working very well.

THE BENEFIT for your Niece is She Could SPRAY PAINT
the door Hanger.

Or use a bit of Tech. Put a Bar Code on the door hanger - Scannable by iPhone -
which takes a home owner to a website - which shows pics and a short
video of a CURB GLOWING in the dark.



Find the MULTI-MILLIONAIRE #1 Realtor or #1 Broker. Always a local Female (Often mother/Daughter) Realtor - near you who is using THE MOST POWERFUL Door Hanger S*ALES System I have ever found.

A PERSONAL - Handwritten NOTE INVITE to Her Open House PARTY.
(F-r-e-e food, drinks, CHOCOLATE CAKE!)

So all the CURIOUS neighbors can SEE inside their Neighbors house.
AND figure out what their own house is worth.

GO TO HER and offer to Paint HER Home
Curbs for F-r-e-e.

In Return - For Her

A - Inviting your Niece to her open house.

B - Showing off a Pic of her own PAINTED Curb

C - Endorsing Your Nieces Work to dozens and Dozens of Neighbors.


Your Niece will Want to Get Permission to PAINT the Curb in front of the OPEN HOUSE too.


Chapter 20 - 3 Proven 7-Figure Ideas for a Deli Owner


What's your single BEST method to WOW a customer?

Merry Christmas Steve,

Great Question.

I just read your Blog Post About "Bed/Bath/Beyond" and Their LIST of What to B*uy if your kid is going to College.

We Do Something Similar to WOW Customers.



***Molly owns 4 Sandwich Shops in a Spanish Speaking Neighborhood.***

She Said, "My Sales are Down. Customers Think My prices are too high. But my food costs are up."

A - We Told her How We Raised Drive-Thru window S*ales by 9% - 11%, 13% at three McDonalds Locations WITH A SIGN. 70 - 80% of Fast food Restaurant sales is Drive Thru.

B - For a DELI OWNER - Deli Steak Sub S*ales Rose 12% - with a Bag Stuffer.

C - How a Mentor Who Has Owned 43 Different Businesses. Has Taken 19 Mom and Pop Retail Stores
from Bankruptcy to 1 M*illion with a Postcard offer.

THEN WE ASKED a Few Questions:

And Adapted all 3 ideas for Molly.

QUESTION - "What Are Your 3 Best SELLING Sandwiches?"

ANSWER - Molly said, "#1 -Chicken - #2 - Shrimp - #3 - Corned Beef

QUESTION - To Bump S*Ales At McDonalds By 9% to 13% with a Drive-thru window Sign.

The Sign Said, "Our Top 3 Best Selling Burgers Are #1 _____ #2 ______ #3 _____

MOLLY Said, "I Could Put a Sign in my window."

WE SAID, "You Could Put a Table Top Display at each Table."

MOLLY Said, "We Can Print offers on our Bags. So we Can Print the Sign on there."


then We Talked About...

Adding Value - with F-r-e-e Snacks. Free Coffee, 50% off Beer When You Buy x, y, z."

got Really Excited.

AFTER We SPOKE We Worked Toward WOW.

a - Email Summary of Best ideas in our Chat

b - Sent Her a Proven RAFFLE Offer - to Build her Customer list

c - Sent Her a SCRIPT - with the EXACT words to say to Her JUICE and Meat Suppliers to get them to SEND F-r-e-e Samples - to Help GROW The Amount of Juice and Meat Molly BUYS from them.

d - Finally we Emailed Molly a Book We S*ELL for 1500.00 - (No Charge) which contains 15 Chapters on how to Apply and adapt 426 Million mentor - Walter Hailey's - B*illion D*ollar NEER - Self Referral sales
System to Talk to ALL Her Suppliers.

To Get F-r-e-e Stuff to Make her HIGH P*RICES seem much more affordable.

Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

Chapter 21 - How to Raise Your Prices by 25% to 100% w/A F-r-e-e Report

How do you deal with competition In your industry?

Thanks Mike,

Good Question.

Your Website says you do Auto Detailing and have a Car Wash.

Multi-Millionaire in New Jersey Funnels affluent car owners into his Car Wash FIRST. By Taking a Car Wash
Team to 50.00 a Plate Restaurants. ADDING VALUE to the Restaurant Meals by WASHING all The BMW, SUV, mercedes, In The Lot. THEN LEAVING 10 Tickets for a F-r-e-e Car Wash Under Each Wiper.

Once the Car Owners Get to the Car Wash they get Up-Sold to other - more Expensive Options.

FOR CLIENTS in Highly competitive Industries.

We SECRET SHOP their Competitors.

Then Write a F-r-e-e Report called, "10 Questions to ASK Before You Hire a Auto Detailer"


Whenever a Prospect calls you and Asks, "How much to Detail my Car?"

INSTEAD of giving them a Price.

And watching them - RUN LIKE A DEER - Off to a Competitor.

You say, "Let me email you a Report Called, "10 Questions to ASK Before You Hire a Auto Detailer"
then Call and WALK You Thru it. So You Get the Most for Your Munny, OK?

The Car Detailing Prospect Says, "FINE. Gives you Email and Ph #.

(EDITORS NOTE - In The Famous Words of The S*ales Experts Called THE THREE STOOGES. YUK - Yuk. YUK)

10 Things YOU DO
That Your Competitors DON'T DO.

So that even if The Prospect who calls You DOES NOT BUY Right away.

He or she COMES BACK!

Because all of the QUESTIONS they ask Your competitors MAKE The competition LOOK BAD.
Cuz they Cannot or Do Not DO those 10 Detailing Items.

Works Great!

Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

Chapter 22 - How To Guarantee Your Books Sell Well

CHAPTER #22 - How to FIND OUT, In Advance, If Your Book Will SELL WELL

I Suppose This BACKWARDS method of Writing a book or Creating
a New Audio or video Course TAKES GUTS.

So I Am Sharing it on our BiGBrassOnes site.

Sharing How to Guarantee Your Book Sells - BEFORE You Write it.

So Maybe This Method DOES
take a Bit of NERVE.

I was Surrounded By Affluent Entrepreneurs.

All Using Hi-Profit Versions of The METHOD I now use on-line.

AND IT NEVER STRUCK me that what they were Doing Was UNUSUAL.

Plus I Was HYPER-FOCUSED. That happens when You Are Spending 100K to WATCH - From Behind The Scenes - How others were making BIG Munny.

I Did it Face to Face - BY THE WAY - By Flying to 15 Jay Abraham events, Gary Halbert, Bob Morrison, Ted Nicholas, Jerry Buchanan, Bill Myers, Dan Kennedy, Walter Hailey.

Bob Morrison gave me the 1st HINT. He would direct mail a Test to a list of 1000
of his hottest Repeat B*uying Prospects. IF The Book didn't Sell enough copies.
HE REFUNDED the Munny to the b*uyers - within 30 days.

Gary Halbert went to Prison for mail Fraud. When his "Partner" didn't get the
product to buyers in 30 days.

THAT Made me look for a BETTER WAY.

Bill Myers was Able to MAKE HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS Doing Direct Mail Tests for PEANUTS. By getting INSIDE The Heads of Niche Lists of GOLD BUG Guys, Cable TV Guys, Wealthy Computer Nerds.

On and on - I kept learning and Testing.

I Got Hints.

And Put them together to Develop the Following SIMPLE Method.

THAT METHOD Predicts What will Sell well.

So you do not WASTE TIME, Sweat and Moolah to write a book that nobody wants.

STATED SIMPLY: (For On-Line Testing from Home)

STEP I - You ASK Your Customer List or a Forum - Like SOWPUB - Or a PodCast Or Radio Audience - Or Borrow EYEBALLS from a Gardening or Teacher or Other niched Forum - And Get The OWNERS PERMISSION to Ask - "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BUY?"

STEP II - You Create a BRIBE REPORT. Most Folks today are TOO BUSY to
Give You Their OPINION so a BRIBE helps Boost Response.

STEP III - You Write a page or 2 of Possible Book Headlines for the BOOK You Plan to Write.

STEP IV - You Count the HEADLINE OPINION VOTES. If there are not Enough
Votes - YOU DROP That Book idea - Like a HOT POTATO. IF You Get LOTS of Headline VOTES - You Stick the winning Headline at the
top of your New E-book AND WRITE LIKE CRAZY.

Simple, right?

While I was Learning how to do this - I thought I was a BIT RETARDED. Slow
in the head. After all - 100% of my mentors were making M*illions and Making
it look EZ.

And Yet it C*ost me a few years and over 100K to Figure it out.


With so few IN THE KNOW. I Don't think of myself as such a SlowPoke. But
I DO think that If I can Learn this - Anybody can.


READY to Have Some FUN?

Which of these 3 BRIBE REPORTS - Won The Voting by 300%?

BRIBE REPORT #1 - "How We Adapted Ideas from a McDonalds Restaurant Client, a Vegas 7-11 Client And a New Jersey Health Food Store to Help The Owner of 4 Restaurants SKYROCKET S*ALES In Super Competitive Miami, Florida.

BRIBE REPORT #2 - How We Masterminded with an Aussie Construction Worker so Albert (A) Gets p*aid by other Construction Workers he talks to (B) Gets P*AID by the owner of the Local SPECIALTY STORE For Construction Supplies AND (C) Gets P*aid to Host Weekend Parties at the store.

BRIBE REPORT #3 - How I Won a Battle with a GRUMPY Waitress
where we used (JEALOUSY and GREED-NLP-Flirt-Tipping) to Flip her from
STONE COLD - hating my guts - to SMILING - Bringing me 2 TIMES more Food than my 7 Bucks P*aid for.

won by 300%...

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Perhaps this Is THE BRASS BALLS Part of the Process. You Have to
Be Willing to BE WRONG - almost 100% of the time.

Over the past 24 years of Doing these Tests. After Creating over 100
e-books and Mp3 audio and Video Programs.

I Have Guessed The WINNING HEADLINE - Only ONCE!

P.P.S. - PICK One and Go to CHAPTER #23 to Find out if you GUESSED RIGHT.

Chapter 23 - And The Winning Headline BRIBE is...


Big RED Nose NLP Testing Club Ezine #3792

Happy New Year,

Thanks for VOTING so I know Which BRIBE REPORT
You WANT when you VOTE for Your FAVORITE Headline Below.

The Winning
Which got 300% more Votes than the others IS...

BRIBE REPORT #1 - "How We Adapted Ideas from a McDonalds Restaurant Client, a Vegas 7-11 Client And a New Jersey Health Food Store to Help The Owner of 4 Restaurants SKYROCKET S*ALES In Super Competitive Miami, Florida.


of Which HEADLINE you Like is...

I've Gone Thru My Archives and Pulled out 54 REFERRAL SYSTEMS We Have Never SOLD Before.

my Box
Successful Headlines to Write TWO PAGES of NLP Headlines.


Since I ALWAYS Guess Wrong.

I DEPEND on You Guys and Gals in the "Big Red Nose New NLP Idea Testing Ezine" to HELP ME Choose ONE WINNER.

So Here We Go:

Choose Your ONE FAVORITE Headline
and Then Send it to me - to Get Your

I - Please Read Down The List.

II - Pick The #1 Best Headline (In Your Opinion)

III - Email me the LETTER You Chose to Me at

Headline from The
Following List:

A - Solve Your New-Client-Getting-Problem
w/54 New Referral Systems

B - What M*illionaire Small Business Owners Know
About These 54 Referrals Systems That You Don't

C - What If You Had Access to the DETAILS of
54 Referral Systems That Nobody ELSE Knew About?

D - 54 Referral Systems We *Borrowed*
From Their M*illionaire Inventors

E - 54 Solutions to Your New Customer Referral Problems

F - The Reason Why Our NEW Referral System Collection
Is Better Than 10 Grand In The Bank

G - Visualize Yourself Kicking The Stuffing Out of
Your Competitors with 54 Referral Systems

H - 54 Referral Secrets of M*illionaire Entrepreneurs

I - IF YOU AGREE "The Herd" is Always Wrong
Then 54 Proven Referral Ideas from MAVERICK
M*illionaires World-wide Will Interest You

J - Imagine Yourself RAISING Your P*rices Using
54 Referral Strategies Nobody Else Has

K - How to REFER Yourself To Extra MUNNY
With 54 Invisible Guns AKA Referral System

L - YOU CHOOSE - Get Robbed By Social Media
Bandits Or Grow Your S*ales w/54 Referral Systems

M - Just Suppose You Could REFER Yourself Clients,
RAISE Your Fees & AVOID Thieving Competitors w/
54 SECRET Referral Systems?

N - SUFFERING From **Lack-a-Referral-Itis**?
Then Our 54 NEW Referral Systems Might Be
The Cure.

O - Start Your Own P*ROFIT-PARTY
w/54 Totally New Referral Referral Systems

P - SCANDALOUS - How Dare You Refer Yourself Richer in 2019
Using 54 COVERT Referral Systems

Q - Your Invitation to LAUGH-All-The-Way-To-The-Bank
w/54 ODD Referral Systems

R - You Already Depend on Referrals - So Why Not
Add a 7-Figure Referral System YOU CONTROL?


Thanks for VOTING.
Glenn Osborn

P.S. - To GET Your BRIBE REPORT - Email Your #1 Headline PICK to me at


Chapter 24 - Making Val's Maid-Service MORE Munny


Hi Glenn,

Your activity drove 73 people to visit your profile in the last 90 days. Nice work!

How can I get my long term clients to leave a Google review?
Happy New Year Val,

Excellent Question.


Ethical BRIBES. But Still... Bribes.

BRIBE REPORTS Get my Happy Buyers and Clients to Write Great Reviews and Testimonials.

HERE's How It Works.

(EDITORS NOTE - Val - I looked at your website. And the list of Biz Owners You Work with. Home owners are Up Top - So they must be Your Most Frequent Customers. But Commercial Accounts can Be More Lucrative. I see you list CAR WASHES.)


I'm Writing a Series of Books about PROVEN Referral Systems we've Collected by working with and interviewing Self Made M*illionaires.

So I pulled #33 out of 50 Referral Systems to the TOP.

STEP I - You Might send them a List of Munny Making Reports to CHOOSE FROM. (SEE LIST BELOW.)

STEP II - You Then email or call them and ASK, "Which one of these SPECIAL REPORT Munny making Ideas Do You Want me to SEND you as a THANK YOU REWARD for Writing a short Testimonial?"

STEP III - You Send them the 1st Part of the REPORT - Just before THE GOOD STUFF if they don't Take Action. As a Fun Reminder.

Great Fun to do Val.

So let me know which one YOU Would Like me to Send You.

I am writing an entire book of 50 six and 7 figure Referral Systems. So gotta Write them up anyway.


#33 - Car Wash Referral System. Roger - a Car Wash Owner we Helped - Stood at a Jay Abraham event. Gave us Credit for DOUBLING his P*rofits. (A) Changed his sign - (B) Changed his Up-sell Pitch - (C) Created Waiting room Referral System among rich car owners.

#1 - Floyd - Beauty Parlor and Mall Kiosk DOUBLE REFERRAL System. Part I - Is a Front End Video. Part II - Is a Back End Referral For Do-It-Yourself Cosmetics S*ales.
#2 - Matt - PlayGround Equipment Referral System - Refers Matt To Home Porch Deck Buyers.
#3 - Henry - Dental Clown/Magician Referral System. Henry employs 7 full time Dentists. Has 780,000 patients. Does Clown Magic At Trade Shows, State Fairs, Schools and Church and Chamber of Commerce Events. Henry's Name-Based Toothbrush - REFERRAL SYSTEM is really Clever.
#4 - Jim - Bloodhound Referral System for His Architect Business. Jim calls the Guys working construction sites his "Bloodhounds." And his Referral Reward System is Stupidly Obvious and OTHERS Pay for each Referal.
#5 - Stan - M*illion D*ollar Construction Site Equipment Referral System. Stan Flies 10 or 20 Prospects -at a time- to a Resort for a Golfing Weekend. Then Calls each prospect when everybody gets home to Get Their Order. Often 20 out of 20 B*UY - which means 20 M*illion Bucks for 2 days of Golfing.
#6 - Earl - Tank and DumpTruck Referral System at his Car Dealership in Alabama.
#7 - Bob - 4.7 Mil a year Carpet Cleaning Referral System. Furniture, Mattresses, Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting, Remodeling - Tiny Signs.
#8 - Bob - 4.7 Mil a Year Carpet Cleaning Referral System. Referrals to M*illion Dollar Home owners come from Charity Chef Banquets (Clean-Up-On-Aisle-2-Demo's).
#9 - Patrick - Physical Therapist Referral System - Which we Set up for him. Refers 20+ Limping - Hurting Golfers Back to his office per Week - for Treatment.
#10 - Jackson - Charity Speech And Interactive Sampling Bribes to Affluent Attendees Creates Repeated Referrals to His Cosmetics and Perfume MLM Down-line members. (Jackson was more successful than the entire company. So Headquarters moved to Canada.)
#11 - 450K in 3 Months - Flea Market Referral System. Barbara's Daughter Misty
Refers 100's of mothers and daughters back to her mom's table. Barbara is a teacher.
#12 - Salina's Face Cream Trade Show and Health Fair Referral System. Salina's HUSBAND Frank is 100% of Her Referral System. Women in the crowd go get their Friends and POINT.
#13 - Brent - NYCity Taxi Cab Referral System Creates 500% Higher Tips. Find out why Brent only Works at Night. Where Brent Waits to Find M*illionaire Patrons. The REFERRAL SYSTEM that nabs him more Business than Competing Drivers. And how He RAISES His Tips 5 Times.
#14 - Mindy's 90,000.00 Recycling Machine Referral System. Clever Referral Method Mindy used her 1st S*ale to Sell 3 more in 30 days.
#15 - Brandy - How Brandy Used An ETHICAL BLACKMAIL Referral System inside Health Clubs to FORCE the owners to B*UY his 150,000.00 Computerized Exercise System. (Heh heh heh - And Those Little PROGRESS REPORT - Print-Out Pages SEEM So Harmless.)
#16 - GrandMaster Kim's - Endorsed Referral System that she uses to Sell a Vitamin MLM. Kim is the Only 5th Degree BlackBelt Master from Korea. I Watched her Teach a woman in a wheelchair to Break a Board with her hand. But Her Endorsed Referral System - Can Be Used anywhere.
A - How Dan Kennedy uses a ENDORSED REFERRAL System to Make Tens of Millions.
B - Endorsed Referrals Are The #1 Way Jay Abraham Does Business. (I know cuz I Bartered my way to 15 of Jay's events.)
C - My former Client - Hollywood Bartender - Bryan RedField - used Endorsed Referral System to Sell 1000's of Copies of his book, "Bartenders Guide on How to Pick Up Women."
#17 - Tracy's Construction Supplies Self Referral System. Her 6 Foot Tall System REFERS her from the Receptionist to The Executive Secretary - then to the CEO. Then Credentials her with the Board of Directors.

I didn't think all 50 would Fit in this Box. So Quit at 17.

Glenn Osborn
M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association


Happy New Year,

One day on the phone I was Regaling Donna about how a little Girl of 14 or so Earned the World Record for Girl Scout Cookie S*ales.


She Used a Raffle Based Referral System.

In order to ENTER her Raffle (To win a 2 Day Resort Vacation) You had to B*UY not just a box of cookies. But a CASE OF Cookies.

Donna Interrupted.

"That's nothing."

"That girl had plenty of time to sell her cookies. NO PRESSURE. And an Entire Year to Plan. ME? My niece couldn't sell hers. Or her Girl friends either. So they Piled them on My Porch - with 2 Days to go before The Deadline."

ME - Why would they do that?

Donna - "Me and my big mouth. I bragged I could sell 10 Times more cookies
than she could with one hand tied behind my back. And she said, "Can you sell what I have left over? And I said, "Sure."

ME - How come you had Everybody's left-over cookies on your porch?

Donna - "My niece told everybody I could sell theirs too."

ME - Wait. Wait. I remember this story. You called a Friend. You Both put on your Bikini's and drove from Construction site to Site. Sold a Pick Up Truck Load of Girl scout cookies.

Donna - "True. But we ran out of time that Saturday. Nobody working Construction on Sunday. And Monday was the Cookie Deadline.

ME - So What did you do?

Donna - "I probably shouldn't tell you this. I'm not proud of it. But I PANICKED. Plus I was not going to go back to my smart Assed Niece and Her Friends a hear, I TOLD YOU SHE COULDN'T SELL THEM."


"I Loaded all the rest of the cookies into the back of my pickup.

"Then I drove in and out of Mall Parking Lots until I S*old every damn box of cookies on the Truck.

ME - "What did you DO? Hold a Gun on people While they were walking to their Cars?"

Donna - "Not Exactly. But Close.


Donna - "Well, You see, I remembered how I saw a Little Girl in the Airport at 1am - She Walked around with a Sign. And cleaned up -- selling Magazine Subscriptions."

ME - "What kind of sign."

Donna - "A DEAF and DUMB Sign."


Donna - "Oh yes I did."

ME - So Pretend I'm a guy walking to my car in a Mall Parking Lot. Drive me thru it."

Donna - "Funny guy. ha ha. Drive me thru it."

Donna - "Ok. When I saw a Well dressed Man walking across an UpScale Mall Parking Lot I drove up next to him. Cut him off from his car. HELD Up a sign.

"Deaf & Dumb
2 Kids"


"Flipped my sign over.

"10 Boxes
Girl Scout
Cookies - $25

ME - "And You Sold an Entire PickUp Truck full of Girl Scout Cookies - ON A SUNDAY - without saying ONE SINGLE WORD?

Donna - "Yep. But I Got a Bit Punchy at the end. When the last guy said, "OK - Here's 25 Bucks." I got EXCITED. Forgot I Couldn't Talk. And I Yelled, "THANKS."

ME - Laughing. "What Happened?"

Donna - I thought he was going to ATTACK me. I burnt rubber. I could see him chasing me in my rear view mirror -- on foot.

ME - So My guess is you didn't mention THIS PART of Your S*ales Strategy to your Niece.

Donna - "Heck no. They only Heard The BIKINI S*ales Story. I shouldn't have told YOU. You are a good Listener."

Chapter 26 - Extra C*ASH From Celebrity/SuperStar Ideas


We Did a Project with a client worth 100 M*illion Bucks.


"The 6 Words Dan SAYS to Get S*old Out Movie/Theater Seats.
Front Row seats at Sports Events. Rooms at S*old out Hotels
and Resorts AND Get Called By Name by every single person at a Swanky Restaurant - with ONE PHONE Call from Home

And - YES - I have Done all of the above
except Front Row Seats at Sports Stadiums.
Celebrity Superstars Extra C*ash Ideas -

Which of The Following
Celebrity Ideas - is Your FAVORITE?

I - Katherine Hepburn taught me how to Adapt "The Endorsement Letter" to Write P*rofitable Emails and Snail Mail Offers.

A - Kate used this idea to Skyrocket the Fees She Got Paid to Act In Movies.

B - Kate was a GENIUS. And often Bought the rights to a book. Paid to have a Script done. Resold it to a Studio.
And all this -in an Age - when women were SEEN but not heard.

C - Endorsement is The ONLY Copywriting Concept Jay Abraham Ever Uses for Clients.

II - COLE PORTER - The Famous 1930's Song Writer ("Don't Fence ME In"/"I've Got You Under My Skin")
Home Referral System which I use to FLY without Luggage.

A - We Adapted an idea from a VERY R*ICH friend of Song-Writer Cole Porter. Mr Millionaire flew all over the world with Cole Porter. Without any Luggage. No clothes. No underwear. Nothing.

B - I Don't like Airport People going thru my luggage.

C - So I adapted Mr M*illionaires idea. So now - no matter what city I fly into. ONE PHONE CALL from Home - Before I get on a plane - gets Me a F_R_E_E shopper. (The stuff you need at a strange city are CHEAP. But Where do you Find a F-r-e-e Shopper?)

D - We tap into an EXISTING -No-Charge-Referral-Network- to get The right size suits, shirts, pants, shoes, socks, underwear, Toothpaste, toothbrush.

E - The FUN Part? My F-r-e-e Shopper Either Tosses all my Stuff thru the window of my taxi - as we drive by. Or sends everything to MY Hotel.

III - Lily Tomlin - Had a F-r-e-e Strategy for Arriving in a LIMO when she did Stand-Up-Comedy.
Result? She got VIP Treatment from affluent Club Owners.

A - We've Adapted HER idea so I can Show Up and Get out of a Tesla Model X - the HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND D*OLLAR Car with the BatWing Doors - In Front of a Clients Office.

B - So I can Drive Up in a Tesla X - Before I give a Speech.

C - Show Up in a Tesla X - In front of a Restaurant - to meet a Prospect.

D - Did I mention - A, B, C Are F-r-e-e?

IV - Hollywood Movie Producer & Academy Award Winner (Who I Promised Would Remain Anonymous) Pretends to Be UpSet When he gets 2X - 3X - 5X more food than he orders at Fast Food Drive Thru Windows.

A - What Mr Mystery Says.

B - What Mr Mystery Does.

C - How he takes Extra Food Back and Feeds his Office staff.

V - Barbra Streisand taught me how she got TENS of THOUSANDS of D*ollars worth of F-r-e-e Stuff - when she first started out.

A - FROM HOME - We Adapted her idea to ADD 10K Of Value For Client Events.

B - From Home - Add THOUSANDS Of D*ollars Before Video Conference Programs.

C - Raise Client P*rices Thru The Roof - By SkyRocketing the Perceived Value
of any offer. Nifty Industry Centric Strategy - From Home.

VI - Chicken Soup for The Soul Partner - Jack Canfield - Taught 3000 People (PLUS ME) in a Las Vegas Banquet Room -
a Duck -
System that Creates 50 to 100 Referrals - for each 5 People in The Circle of Chairs.

(EDITORS NOTE - You can do this anywhere. Church, a Business Meeting, At Lunch with friends. Amazing.)

A - JACK - Then Explained that THE REASON the 3000 People were at the 7000.00 Vegas Event - Was Because 100% of them Got REFERRED There - by A few 100 people - Using The "Duck - Duck - Refer-Mastermind Circle System."

B - This is a 8 year old company - which Fills it's seats each Quarter BY Referral! With this Mastermind Circle.


P.S. - PLEASE - Email me your #1 FAVORITE - Celebrity Idea to

Chapter 27 - Mr K Says, "I want to Borrow a M*illion D*ollars C*ash"


How can I handle someone I know not trusting my products or services?

Thanks Scott,

Great Question.


The Key is to ADD MORE VALUE - to Boost Trust.

(EDITORS NOTE - I Create What a 426 Mil mentor Calls "A PRE-HEAT PAGE"
free for Members of my F-r-e-e Ezine. And often they report their S*ales Jump by 50% to 100% or more.)

Here is
how we
adapted that SAME IDEA
for a Real Estate Flipper.

ONE of My VIP INSIDERS asked us to help him BORROW 1 M*illion D*ollars for a Real Estate Deal. Mr K does all cash Real Estate Flipping and BANKS won't touch it.

(EDITORS NOTE #2 - I asked MR K - and I have His Permission to Share.)


FIRST - I ran thru what I might say to a M*illionaire Angel Investor.

"Hey, Can I borrow a M*illion Bucks in C*ASH to give to a Client?"

Answer was a Big Fat "NO."

So I asked MR K to send me a List of some of his Real Estate Flips.


SECOND - Mr K sent me a List. I typed it up and Emailed 2 pages
to a list of 6 Real Estate M*illionaires. And Left a VM for each.


QUESTION for __________:

What ELSE Do You Need To Know Before You TRUST Mr K Enough
to Spend Your VALUABLE time on the Phone Talking WIN-WIN Real Estate?


SECURITY of $$$$
I wire the funds to:

Trust Account Incoming Wire Instructions

Beneficiary Bank: US Bank 19450 Plummer St. Northridge, CA 91324 (818)428-6975

ABA: 122235821


16000 Bryant St.
North Hills CA 90343
purchase price 530k
renovations 85k
actual retail value 730k


2460 Deer Dr.
Fullerton, CA 90835
purchase price 563k
renovations 133k
actual retail value 860k


21000 Menhall Ct.
Topango, CA 90280
purchase price 700k
repairs 150k
actual retail value 1,700k


9400 Hoskell Ave.
North Hills CA 90043
Bought on 10/3/2017 for $550k
listed on 5/21/2018 for $638k
sold on 6/8/2018 for $670k...obviously ABOVE listing prices


Another deal just went into escrow the other closes
in 30 days....
April 2018 purchase price $240k
Feb 2019 selling price $391K


GROSS S*ALES Total - __________

(EDITORS NOTE - Mr K B*uys Houses for C*ash. Has People Funneling Real Estate Deals to him that FIT His Hi-Margin Niche. Is Looking for Others Doing Something Similar.)




Not a Peep.


THIRD TRY - I asked Kevin to Email me a few Details about ACTIVE DEALS.
The Reason He wanted to Borrow The M*illion Bucks.


Real Estate Deals Mr K is Currently Looking At:

One deal...on the lake...2000 feet of frontage
should be able to subdivide into 20 lots...
I have talked to the people at the County.....
ONLY requirement is road has to be so wide and have
a 33 ft circular ending like many cul de sacs currently have

smaller unimproved lots in this area go for about $100,000
Whole parcel is for sale at $550,000....
,,,,AND there is a 4000 sq ft house already on the parcel
BUT the basement in this house is not usable
Need a partner with cash and land development experience.


Second deal.....on the lake....two lots with two separate tax numbers
one lot has small cabin...other lot has nothing on it
many homes in this area go for $300-$400 per sq ft
for this deal, they are ASKING $389,000

BOTH of these deals are within 2-2.5 hours of Chicago, Illinois.....many of the properties
on the lakes in southern WI are owned by people from Illinois
Taxes and property values are MUCH LOWER than those in N. Illinois

Talk soon,
Mr K


Only One Response - so far.

NOT FROM My Customer List but From a Referral From a VIP INSIDER
from my Ezine List.

We made a Phone Appointment with David. Chatted for a while.
David and I agreed there seemed to be a good fit.

So I Referred him to Mr K.

Email from David...


Thanks Glenn,

I have relationships with several lending sources that do either "private" money or "hard money" real estate loans. $100k to several million dollars. I have lenders for every state.

Equity is the key. My understanding is that you have some property owners who have paid cash for properties and now want to re-fi them. That scenario is a perfect fit for most of my sources. My lenders will usually not loan more than 75% of the value. Often 65%, depending on the scenario. I deal with lenders who loan on less than "ideal" situations - either due to borrower issues or properties that may have some "hangnails."

I have lenders that will respond to good credit borrowers and some who don't care at all about credit. Each situation is unique and will determine the various factors involved in terms, pricing, etc.

If a property was recently purchased at a "bargain" price and an owner wants to re-finance and get the price back in a new loan amount, there must be a clear reason why they bought it "under market" and solid substantiation for the "new" value.

Can deal with individuals, LLC's, corporations, trusts, etc. as borrowers.

There is a link to my old website below and here is my new site which will be live shortly.





So Now we Have TWO PAGES of "PRE-HEAT" that Credentials Mr K.


We have WRITTEN PROOF - from David - that Some of MR K's Projects
Seem to Fit - the Out-side-the-box Lenders David Works with.


Now We Have THREE PAGES of Proof, Credentials, Trust and PRE-HEAT
to Run Past Potential Investors - after we Post them at our new website


I hope My Similar Situation
where 5 Different M*illionaires
Didn't Trust me enough
to Even Email or Call Me Back - Helps You Scott.

Glenn Osborn
M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association

CHAPTER #28 - SPANK-Your-MONEY - Definition of Wealth

We Get Lots of Questions About "HOW TO GET MORE MUNNY?"


I - "How do I Make Extra Munny in 24 to 48 Hours - without spending any?
MY ANSWER - "Help me with my 1000.00 an hr Munny Hobby - Split 50/50

II - "I Just Bought A Radio Station. Fired Everybody But The Manager. How do
I train all new S*ales People? Do You have a Script You Can Send me For F-r-e-e?

MY ANSWER - "Ha ha! I remember you. You TIGHTWAD M*illionaire You. Email me back at - WHEN YOU ARE DESPERATE. And instead of 30,000.00 That Clients Pay. For Only 5 Grand I'll walk you thru 2 Scripts that Grossed more than 2 B*illion and Built and s*old 4 Companies for my mentor Walter Hailey - that He never wrote down Anywhere - but I Paid 44,000 SMACKERS for. 4 Question NLP Hot Button Script. And 3-Step Invisible Trial Close Script. (And 6 Months later Gary Did P*A*Y. He had to train his team to get leads at a Radio Trade Show.)

III - "I Never have any Munny at the end of the month - even with two jobs." From a Talented Musician.

HERE is My Answer - in Musical Terms.

Mil Gracias Casey,

I was a boy soprano who could hit any note. Have sung and played trumpet at hundreds of events, madrigals, weddings, bands, choruses.

Musical pitbands. Camelot. Jesus Christ SuperStar.

Classical to Beatles.

Quartet, orchestra, radio.

But quit cuz i was not the best. You have to compose
Your own music to compete.

Playing with Munny is Exactly like playing music.

When playing a trumpet solo
You have to save energy BEYOND THE END NOTE to
Avoid sour tone quality.

Singing the National Anthem on stage
Requires breath Control be extended BEYOND THE LAST NOTE.

SAME with munny.

Always Keep some in Reserve.


Buckminster Fuller -

The definition of Wealth:

"The # of days, weeks, months you can go without working."


TAPE a blank page on your inside closet door. And start tracking those days.

Tracking your wealth
Is step one to create the habit of saving.


Bucky was schooled by his mother on an island.

So he was not Stunted by
Our education system

CHAPTER #29 - Brass Overies: 41 M*illion Piano S*alesWoman

I Don't know how long this YouTube Video Interview will stay UP on Youtube.


As a S*Ales person Who has Interviewed and Worked with
affluent Small Business Entrepreneurs I SEEM to See things others Don't.


An Overview:

I - Erica Feidner grew up in a house with 26 pianos.

II - 40 Kids would live at her house - from all over the world. Sort of a Piano Camp.

III - Erica started Playing Piano - age 3. Teaching at age 9. On Stage at Opera and Theaters Age 11.

IV - Fell ski-ing. Hurt her hand. Was RELIEVED not to have to practice. Decided to take a short break from performing. A 30 YEAR BREAK it turns out.

V - Erica Says she can LOOK at you. And in seconds KNOW which of the 100's of pianos
in her show-room - and the other locations - IS YOUR PIANO. Like the perfect PET.

VI - She NEVER thinks about S*ELLING.


My ESP tells me The Woman is DANGEROUS. And a family may end up b*uying more than ONE Piano!

She has two Patents.

Patent #1 - How She teaches The PARENTS of the sons and daughters they bring in
to play the piano in 20 to 60 minutes.

Patent #2 - How kids can Play in SECONDS.

She says, "Instant Gratification is a great piano sales tool" - My ESP logically tells me if Each Person ADOPTS a PET Piano that is Perfect for them. Then the BOTH the parents And Their Kid B*UYS a Piano!

VIII - BRASS OVARIES POINT TWO - Erica says she has a new APP which makes a GAME
out of playing the piano. So kids DO NOT Recognize they are LEARNING to read music.

And That she matches a Piano Coach to each player.

WHICH MEANS she Probably makes money on the Back End. Perhaps Referral Fees From
the Piano Teachers she Refers New Piano players to.

IX - Years ago I read that Erica Has an INVISIBLE TRIAL S*ALES Close that She uses.

And have Shared what she says and does with Clients.

Several of whom Report making an Extra SIX FIGURES.

X - This is MY VERSION her Her Invisible Trial S*ales Close:

She says, "After trying out the 3 pianos
I found that best fit your personality, body type, The Music you want to play...



Listens and listens while people talk and talk until they get out their wallets and buy.


This is a very powerful way of asking for the munny.

Because if She were to say, "Do You Want to B*uy Piano A or Piano B

(EDITORS NOTE - Which to my mind Always seemed like an OBVIOUS and Sneaky
way of trying to FORCE a S*Ale.)

THE WORD "NO" Pops into the Prospects Mind.

THINK about when Erica asks, ""WHERE ARE YOU IN YOUR THOUGHTS?"

Emotional Thoughts Trying to REMEMBER
Which Piano you Liked best.


Please Check out this Interview with Erica...